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Eight years of rabble.ca


To mark rabble.ca’s eighth birthday the website’s publisher Kim Elliott (who is the partner of Vancouver NDP MP Libby), convened a panel at the University of Toronto to discuss “What’s Wrong With Canada’s Newspapers?” Below is Elliott (left) with rabble.ca board member Duncan Cameron and author/journalist Linda McQuaig who was one of the panelists.


The other speaker was author and journalist Peter C. Newman.


Duncan Cameron and Linda McQuaig.


Wayne MacPhail from rabble.ca


The rabble.ca interns.


Multi media guy Justin Stayshyn twittered the event.



Eight years of rabble.ca

  1. It’s the crude, dude.

  2. It’s an odd kind of rabble. As progressives, they advocate the expansion of government into Canadians’ lives. A pro-establishment rabble.

    Pure doublespeak … but what the heck, hypocrisy and deception are the stock-in-trade of politics.

  3. Ah. The good people.
    Bookmark it.
    Never to be seen again until the CLC buys MacLeans.

  4. OMG : Michel is slipping!!!

    There is no picture or comment on Justin Trudeau .

    The previous 2 weeks we had the honor of reading about Justin.

    Enough already : find another MP to report on!!!!

  5. Surgite, opressi orbis terrarum!
    Surgite, adesurientes!
    Sonat ratio cantu tubarum
    Aevi huius cineres.

    Tabula fiat nobis rasa —
    Io Spartaci omnes surgite!
    Et saecla iniquitates passa
    Tandem praecipite!

    proelio in compurgando
    disponamur sic ut cras
    gentem quae vivit laborando
    victricem videas!

    • It’s strangely appropriate to see The Internationale written in a dead language.

      • Believe it or not, mine is not the only Latin version.

  6. If you look real closely, I think Newman’s hearing aid is turned off.

  7. Rabble.ca is a small bastion of sheeple with with their heads firmly planted in the sand. Looking at the pictures it looks like 8 people showed up for the 8 year anniversary which aptly signifies rabble.ca ‘s importance.