Either this is Hedy Fry, or…



…the Galactic Mother Hen Overlord from Planet Spastic touched down in Vancouver recently.

And if it is Hedy Fry, why are there tricoloured stalagmites blossoming from her chest? What kind of person steals shoes from poor, old Tina Turner? And finally, how is this outfit even remotely gay? Seriously, if you are going to court the Pride vote, you should probably look like something other than a tragic court jester-related accident.

And she released these pictures on her own. Voluntarily.

This is what a fall election looks like, folks.

Hedy Fry at Vancouver Pride, August 2. 

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Either this is Hedy Fry, or…

  1. why are their tricoloured stalagmites blossoming from her chest?

    Whose stalagmites?

    • And of course, stalactites hang down. Stalagmites point up.

  2. Maybe we should have a competition – Jack and Olivia looked pretty darned…er…weird – at Caribana the other day…

    • Jack was there too, but his outfit was a bit more down-to-earth (an orange NDP hockey shirt, I think). He did, however, do a little cha-cha for everyone, to the song La Bamba (being sung by the Blues Brothers tribute duo directly in front of him). In a way that was just as surreal as the Hedy spectacle.

  3. The base line would be of course Stephen Harper's leather vest and stetson at a previous Calgary Stampede…

  4. If you look like you have just left a Parliament-Funkadelic show, I reckon a new base line has been set.

  5. If you look like you are on your way to a Parliament-Funkadelic concert, I reckon a new base line has been set.

  6. And, as far as I know, Harper, unlike Hedy Fry, was actually trying to look like he was from planet earth.

  7. Jolyon for once we agree completely. Parliament-Funkadelic is exactly the first thing I thought of when seeing this picture also.

  8. Good grief – parades are supposed to be flamboyant, colourful and fun – lighten up.

    • It's entirely possible to dress in a way that suggests one is flamboyant, colourful and fun, without also appearing laughable or seriously detracting from one's credibility as a sane and thoughtful public figure.

      • Please tell us a few of your favourite flamboyand, colourful and fun dressers who are also taken seriously as sane and thoughtful figures. Even one?

        • Politics aside, I thought Trudeau was always a pretty flamboyantly snappy dresser.

        • Politics aside, I thought Trudeau was always a pretty flamboyantly snappy dresser. He seemed to do okay so far as being taken seriously.

      • Possible yes, but easy, not so much.

        Good example, though.

      • Hedy Fry has Carribean roots – the Caribana parade in Toronto is very, very colourful. How do I say this delicately – Ms Fry is a little chubby and perhaps she thinks the outfit covers that (only makes it worse).

  9. On the other hand, it is a brilliant way to get noticed in a parade packed with half-naked male models!

    • They were only half-naked?

    • There were a lot of half-naked women in the parade too, actually. Thankfully Hedy didn't follow that lead.

  10. It's a sister of Kang and Kodos from the Simpsons.

    With all that hot weather in BC, I heard that there are hundreds of cross-burnings.

  11. There are tricoloured stalagmites being burned on lawns in Prince George!

    • As we type!

  12. I looked at that photo for quite a while, trying to pick out those tri-coloured stalagmites….and then I realized that we are actually talking about stalactites.

    However, if they were on a lawn they could be called stalagmites.

  13. She's having fun, take it easy and lighten up!

    And a better question might be "what is a remotely gay outfit?"

    The Pride parade is about coming out and having a good time and supporting the LGTB community, which Hedy Fry has done for many, many years. Take a look at some of the outfits at a Mardi Gras festival!