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El Salvadoran woman wins right to terminate pregnancy in anti-abortion country


An El Salvadoran woman, known to the world only by the name “Beatriz,” has won the right to terminate a pregnancy in Central America’s most anti-abortion country—sort of.

Beatriz, who has been told that she could die if she has her baby and that the fetus cannot survive after it is born, took her fi ght against the country’s abortion ban all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled against her.

The country’s health minister, Maria Isabel Rodriguez, promptly found a loophole, declaring that Beatriz could have a Caesarian section to end the pregnancy early. “This is not an abortion,” Rodriguez said, explaining the apparent flip-flop. “It is an induced birth, which is something else.”

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El Salvadoran woman wins right to terminate pregnancy in anti-abortion country

  1. Well she had the Caesarian. The baby had no brain, and promptly died.

    • at least the baby wasn’t murdered. that’s something she can live with.

      • There was no ‘baby’. No ‘person’ existed.

        • Yes, that’s right, a baby inside a womb only becomes a person (by some strange magic no-one understands) once it leaves the womb!

          Give your head a shake, the logic people come up with the justify abortion is truly idiotic.

          • Bible says it only becomes a person a month after the birth, so give it a rest.

          • Yah, I’ll take your word for understanding and interpretation of the bible.

          • Sorry Preacher – you understanding is deeeeeply lacking.

            It ain’t a a’la carte menu, to pick and choose from the pieces that you like. It’s amazing you lefties love to come along and pick out verses that suit your particular spin for the day, but fail to note others or even try to come to an overall understanding.

            Not much more one can one expect from a lefty I suppose.

          • Nope it ain’t an a la carte menu…..so I hope you follow all the other rules in there. Shrimp are forbidden, you must kill your kids if they swear at you, how to punish your slaves and so on. Leviticus is full of rules I doubt you follow, so don’t tell me about buffets.

            And in any case, you’re in the wrong book….the old testament is the Jewish Torah/Talmud…..and nothing to do with Christians.

            The book you are SUPPOSED to be following is the new testament…..the words that Jesus spoke. And Jesus said nothing whatever about either abortion or gays.

            And stop confusing religion and politics…..lots of ‘lefties’ are religious…ministers even.

          • Lots of lefties pretend to be religious, even try kidding themselves that they are religious, but as I said above – it is an a’la carte type of religion.

            Neither you nor they are interested in any real understanding, but rather a twisted perversion where you read the bible to get ammunition against those who have faith in it.

          • LOL oh I think lefties that are ministers are hardly pretending…..they just actually follow christianity, rather than the old testament genocidal maniac that you believe in. Jesus was a leftie, ya know.

            I am neither a leftie nor a christian, but I know the bible and it’s a book of old myths….same as the stories about Zeus and Odin and Thor etc.

            Which is why your personal beliefs do not get to decide how other people live their lives.

          • No, you don’t want my views influencing other people because you are the typical leftie hypocrite who believes only your views matter and therefore have no problem to tell other people how to live their lives (and certainly can’t have anyone ‘judging’ yours).

            Let me summarise: Jesus was a leftie, killing babies up to a month old is OK, old testament is irrelevant but kill your kids if they swear…etc, etc and you say you know the bible!

            Your appalling understanding is truly breath-taking, but not really new. It’s been around a while, which if you’d understood the bible you would be aware of.

          • I don’t care if you believe in pink unicorns…..but you are not allowed to try and force that belief on other people.

            That’s what you’ve tried to do here……which is why you’ve been told to knock it off.

            I’m afraid the bible does say those things Frenchie….a truth you hide from yourself.

          • Who are you to determine what I can or cannot say?
            What a hypocrite you are with , “..you are not allowed..” and what BS.

            You come here like a cop, trying to quell dissent against your viewpoints, which you hold as dear as any religion. You act like the tyrant that you imply you are protecting ‘somehow’ the dear public against with your ‘not allowed’ BS.

            I think what you spout is nonsense, illogical, hateful, and in no way will accomplish what you pretend is your goal. Yet, I do not imply in any way that you cannot say it.

            In fact, it is better if you shout as loud as you can. Let people clearly hear what you have to say so that the light can expose you for the tyranny that you really represent.

          • We have separation of church and state m’dear. You cannot force your personal religious beliefs on me. I know you don’t like it, but it’s true all the same. Sorry.

          • Louder please!!! I didn’t hear you the first 100 times you shouted ‘victim’

          • This comment was deleted.

          • ahhh, gotta love the tolerance.

            You who talk so much, yet hear so little and understand nothing!!

            Where’s the open-mindedness now, I thought everyone’s opinion was valued in the world of the left. Or at least, that is what the left keeps saying.

            I personally never had any doubt of your character and therefore am not in the least disappointed.

          • I don’t have the slightest tolerance for stupidity.

            I don’t know why you think I would

            Perhaps it’s because you have no clue about the ‘left’ and just assume everyone that disagrees with you is ‘left’.

  2. Yet another completely misleading headline!!! What high journalistic standards we hold today!!

    She didn’t win the right to anything!