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Election probe in Afghanistan leads to nine arrests

Western officials are ‘very worried’ about the state of the young democracy


Afghan authorities have arrested nine people and are seeking the arrest of four election officials in connection with allegations of fraud relating to September’s parliamentary vote. According to Deputy Attorney General Rahmatullah Nazari, authorities are also looking for a UN worker in Afghanistan. The investigation could cause tensions among members of the Karzai administration, election officials, and even the international community at a crucial moment in the war. As U.S. forces rid southern Afghanistan of Taliban fighters, these gains will only be lasting if the Afghan government is reliable. The Sept. 18 parliamentary elections, many hoped, would have a boosting effect on the government’s credibility, improving last year’s fraud-ridden presidential vote, which returned President Karzai to office. But it seems these fraud-filled parliamentary vote and the undemocratic tallying process—total results are now more than a month overdue—have only highlighted the fragility of Afghanistan’s young democracy. As one Western official put it: “We are very worried.”

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Election probe in Afghanistan leads to nine arrests

  1. Is anyone surprised by this result. It is probably worse than is being reported. This is a cosmetic democracy installed at the end of a gun. Afghanistan was illegally invaded on the pretext of getting Osama Bin Laden . The fact that the then Taliban government offered to deliver up Mr. Bin Laden is just another inconvenient truth. The Americans wanted regime change as the Taliban were not giving up the pipeline rights and unfettered access to resources. So they invaded and the only real support came from the war lords and drug lords that were suppressed by the Taliban which has resulted in a civil war very similar to the one unreported but well underway in Iraq. Harper knows this is an American strategic resource war or he is related to Sarah Palin. Bring Canadians finest home. Dying for a cause is noble but dying for greed , corruption and lies is an atrocity and horrible crime. Harper has no shame.

  2. You could be more correct, if your Harper dislike, and your mistaken opinion of who Canadians finest are, were more believable through any evidence. And if you understood the very easily seen fact that control of the M.E and protection of the more favourable friendly M.E Countries was and is the only reason for the being! Leaving Iraq or Iran etc, to rule the place would have escalated into world poverty and World War. Anyone who cannot see this, or the fact that 152 people from Canada killed or killed themselves in Afghan in 10 years is simply a sign that thats the safest place to live! You understand, that there are many other 3rd World Countries just waiting to attract the Americans attention and military! A few lives for the American MONEY means nothing to them.

  3. And want to see more politics in play? Read this!

    Analyze this statement! And then tell me why, a great "leader" would send his people out to walk on improvised explosives, BEFORE the area, KNOWN to contain such, was cleared??
    It is the combat engineers who've drawn the most applause from soldiers who are headed home.

    Sgt. Chris Jeapes, a member from 8 Platoon of Charles Company, 1st Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment, couldn't say enough good about the troops whose job it is detect and clear away improvised explosives.

    "A lot of foot patrols, engineers were able to actually pick up and find them before we moved into an area and found them ourselves by stepping on them," Jeapes said in a recent interview.

    "It saved our lives numerous times on this tour."