Election time again?

Pollster says Grits would be “crazy” not to act now


Ekos pollster Frank Graves thinks there’s no better time than this spring for the Liberals to force an election and topple the Conservatives. “This is their best chance,” he says. “I don’t know why they think things will be better for them in the fall. They’re procrastinating.” Graves cites the poor economy as well as popular resistance to the prorogation as reasons why Harper’s power base might be especially vulnerable. He also points out that “Ignatieff is not going to get any better.” Still, the Liberals seem hesitant to act. Said Liberal MP Wayne Easter: “In terms of the big picture, I would be highly doubtful on an election in the spring. I think the fall or next spring is more likely.”

The Hill Times

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Election time again?

  1. too bad it's not up to just them –

  2. Well, it sure would be nice to turf out the Reform Cons, but I also don't relish the thought of an election. However, if we can get rid of these neanderthals, once and for all, bring it on!

  3. Not happening. Keep voting Liberal and we'll keep getting Conservative minorities, but that's fine by me.

    • or a liberal minority, which is fine by me

      • Conservative majority would be fine by me, more people should vote NDP and Green so we can make this happen

  4. He also points out that “Ignatieff is not going to get any better.”

    Was that an honest admission that as people become more acquainted with Ignatieff's policy proposals, they're going to be repulsed? Interesting.

    • You're assuming Graves has any larger idea of what Ignatieff's policy proposals are than the rest of us.

      No, he's basing this on the idea, as he said, that the Liberals best chance is due to a poor economy and prorogation anger. Both of which he thinks will apparantly fade as time goes on.

      I'd be willing to grant him the prorogation anger will eventually fade (though I don't think as quickly as he may believe) but I really don't believe that the economy's going to be getting better for very long here.

      • Well the last poll shows that the prorogation anger did quell itself during the Olympics.

        Remember, we as voters have terribly short memories.

        • Particularly when the memories were largely created by the MSM.

  5. Ignatieff's time to lead our country is near

    • I know this is just the internet and all, but I still can sense a lot of "saying it in hopes it'll come true" from your comment.

      Ignatieff's got a ways to go before he can be considered a legitimate contender for PM. I'm not saying this because I'm anti-liberal (which is true), but because he seems to be playing the game a bit too cautiously and waiting for a slipup. I don't know if the "gotcha" game is gonna work this time around.

  6. I doubt the libs [particularly Ignatieff after his last disaterous attempt] will want to be seen as pulling the plug. The goodnews for those who don't like Harper is his lust for a majority hasn't abated much. He can probably be relied upon to put in a posion pill, or throw the country into another crisis of some sort…hopefully that will be the time to go – Ignatieff's got to put some more meat on his bones policy wise first anyway.

  7. Frank Graves needs a new job !

    He said it himself, Ignatieff will never get better, and still thinks he (Ignatieff) should run this country?

    • where did Graves say he thinks Iggy should run the country? he said this is Iggy's best strategic opening… not that Iggy would be a good or desirable PM.

  8. Forcing an election while the glow is still present from these Olympics would be Liberal suicide….so I guess my conclusion is that there's a good chance they'll try it.

  9. Before I vote for Iggy, I want a firm contract that he is going to stick around to reap what he sows. How can I trust someone who clearly was not interested in building the country for 30 years to work in my, an average Canadian's, best interests?

    Is he a puppet leader or an opportunist that is trying to take advantage of the fact that we lack any kind of trust worthy, populist leadership?

    • Populist leadership?

      Now there's a priceless oxymoron!

  10. The only problem is that the second the Liberals appear to be trying to force yet another election their popularity plummets as people from coast to coast toss their cookies at the thought of enduring another election campaign. The only people who constantly want elections are the pathological "Harper Haters". That segment will never vote for Harper anyway. As for proroguing Parliament for a few extra weeks, to be honest, it may have upset the chattering classes sucking on a latte at Starbucks, but I don't think any of the Tim Horton's crowd gave a hoot.

    • That analysis nailed it I'd say.

      • Two "Ignatieff Haters" agree. Must be true.

    • Surprising no one I know was the least bit concerned about proroguing and before the other posters call me an idiot I work and associate with a pretty wide variety of Canadians.

      Graves is right that Iggy will get no better ans that is far from a ringing endorsement of the man. Even people who don't like what they think Harper stands for (and more of what people thing Harper stands for is what the MSM says), also don't think Iggy or Layton could do any better.

      The Cons would have a field day with Iggy if the Liberals pulled the plug for an election.

      • Could you please clarify what it is Harper stands for?

        Because every time I listen to what he says he stands for, he then turns around and does the opposite.

  11. Harper thinks that he is the MESSIAH sent by his fundamentalist God to save Canadians from the evil Liberals and socialists. He is afraid to state his real agenda because he is afraid that he will be dethroned. Harper likes being King. But in his delusion he does not understand that he is NOT ! The Conservative agenda has strayed from the right to the middle because they do NOT want to lose the strangle hold they have on parliament and have the voters in disarray—they do not know what to vote for, since Harper policies are just about the same as the Liberals' — Not what Harper really believes in. Harper's arrogance and cold demeanor does NOT portray an HONEST leader—just a charlatan—an opportunist—one who varies his policies just to stay in power. He is one to fear. Thank goodness he cannot get a majority. The sooner gone—the BETTER ! !

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