Elections Ontario compromises data on 2.4 million voters


Elections Ontario said today it may have compromised personal information about up to 2.4 million voters. Yes, that’s millions. The data was held on two memory sticks and was not encrypted.

The privacy snafu involves people in up to 25 ridings, said chief electoral officer Greg Essensa. Names, birthdays, addresses and gender were among the details included in the files. Elections Ontario says the compromised information may include whether these individuals voted, but not, apparently, how they voted.

Police are investigating. Enraged Ontario voters are trending on Twitter.


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Elections Ontario compromises data on 2.4 million voters

  1. You know the more stupid government officials/employees are the more you just want to boot them out!!!! What kind of asinine person in charge of the data would not think it would be necessary to encrypt such personal information!!!! Only morons under the McGuinty leadership!!!! Great job guys!!! I hope ur ass is grass for this gross error in judgement!!!!!!!

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