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Elections Canada poring over Conservatives’ ‘constituency information management system’ in search for Pierre Poutine


Everyone wants to know who is behind the mysterious Pierre Poutine character at the centre of the “robocalls” drama in Ontario’s Guelph riding. As part of their investigation into allegations that voters received automated calls directing them to non-existent polling stations during the federal election last year, Elections Canada is poring over internal emails and electronic records kept by the Conservative Party.

The Globe and Mail reported Wednesday that Elections Canada is focusing on internal documents that the party uses to identify and keep track of voters–in what is called the constituency information management system (CIMS), which was created under Stephen Harper’s leadership. A Conservative source told the newspaper that 10 to 15 people in the party’s Guelph campaign office had access to the system.

Michael Sona, the Conservative staffer who has resigned in the midst of the controversy, notably never used his CIMS account during the election, according to the Globe‘s source. That casts further doubt on the suspicion that Sona is Pierre Poutine. On Tuesday, the 23-year-old denied reports that he had confessed to being responsible for the illegal phone calls in Guelph.


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Elections Canada poring over Conservatives’ ‘constituency information management system’ in search for Pierre Poutine

  1. Apparently the fact that the Liberals have already acknowedged using Rodo-calls in Guelph is irrelevant to Macleans?

     Let’s have the whole story, or no story.

    • Did the Liberal robocalls try to direct people to incorrect or nonexistent polling stations? Not that failing to properly ID the call sponsor is OK, just that context matters, and two wrongs don’t cancel each other out.

    • Everybody uses robocalls. Not everybody uses robocalls claiming to be from elections canada and attempting to send people to the wrong polls. But nice attempt at misleading your fellow citizens. You should feel proud.

    • You are confusing methodology with content.  Yes, the Liberals used robocalls, and yes they broke the rules by not identifying themselves as the source.  But the Elections Canada impersonation and misdirection of people to non-existant polling stations was a separate set of robocalls.  Surely you can keep track of the two different crimes.

  2. Well Mike, they didn’t talk about it because its old news now and the Grits have already admitted to not properly identifying themselves in those robocalls. However that is merely a kids crank call compared to voter FRAUD and leading opposition voters to a non-existing polling station. I understand your partisan response but lets put things into perspective. Regardless of who you’re supporting, this is just plain WRONG. Its funny but the only people who are on a HUGE defensive are the Tories. I wonder why that is.

  3. I would assume they’re “pouring” gravy and cheese curds. Unless you might have meant “poring.” But that would be bouring.

  4. First, it’s pore over, not pour.  Second, Poutine-Putin?  Coincidence?  I think not

  5. The Conservative reasoning foes: since the Liberals didn’t identify themselves as such in their calls, the Conservative could commit fraud and identify themselves as Liberals in theirs. 

    • And the Cons thought they could not report the robocall expense to Elections Canada. for some reason… 

  6. While I’m extremely happy that EC has ignored “Liberal” party electoral fraud in Guelph, whether it’s illegal ballot boxes or “robocall’ fraud, it’s imperative that EC must keep “Liberal” operative Pierre Poutine’s identity secret as well. I said before and still maintain that this smear campaign against the Cons as brilliant as it’s been, is not going well for us “Liberals”. We all know that if Pierre was a Con, EC would have leaked that info to our media already, and lets face it, we all know Pierre is a “Liberal”… so what! It’s not like electoral fraud is foreign to us Libranos and our “culture of corruption”. “Liberals” committing electoral fraud and blaming it on the Cons is a great idea, and we should continue to do it, but we have to comb through our dirty tricks playbook and come up with some other kind of smear campaign. It’s time for George Soros to step up to the plate and give us some more cash for a new smear campaign against the Cons… we can pay him back when we seize power and get our filthy hands on all that taxpayer cash just sitting in the treasury waiting for us to steal… again. Good job Pierre, but we need a new smear campaign asap. 

    • Mr. Sona, those ballot boxes were perfectly legal.

      • No, Mrs Poutine… they weren’t.

        • Yes, they were.  Check your sources.  Look up “special ballots”.  And try not to be a child.

  7. So, this would be further evidence that the CPC is fully cooperating with EC, right? Has the LPC given EC access to it’s e-mails, and voter lists? I don’t believe so. They handed over some robo-calls records, but those conveniently didn’t contain the illegal ones that they were forced to admit to.

  8. I don’t care which party it is, get out of my personal information and stop ‘managing’ me. It’s an abuse of Canadian voters and takes us to this point where pretty much all of us are second-guessing the election results because ALL the parties act like schoolyard bullies or con-artists. Gee I can hardly wait until Vic and ‘the boys’ get access to my computer.

    Canadians should be very concerned.

  9. – Of all the ridings in the country, Guelph is the one riding where illegal robocalls have been established, and they were by the Liberals. Guelph is also the riding where elections Canada allowed a pop up polling station despite the Cons objections..Vikileaks30 was a sleazy violation of a mans privacy,also done by the liberals.Interesting how the media has toned down their mob hysteria reporting when the evidence points to old bobs little party.