Elections Canada to shut down Conservative riding association

Officials in Bourassa riding organized controversial fundraiser attended by natural resources minister


Elections Canada is moving to shut down the Conservative riding association that held a fundraiser at which Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis mingled with officials from companies doing renovation work on Parliament Hill. A filing in the Canada Gazette indicates the riding association hasn’t met its annual reporting requirements and its official de-registration will occur on October 31. Paradis has admitted discussing the allocation of contracts at last year’s fundraiser and one of the construction company officials who was present at the event, Paul Sauvé of LM Sauvé, claims his company paid an unregistered lobbyist with connections to the Conservatives to obtain a $9 million contract with the federal government. The government has rejected suggestions the contracts were awarded in exchange for donations to the Conservative party.

The Globe and Mail

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Elections Canada to shut down Conservative riding association

  1. Does anyone have any idea which province this riding association is in?

      • How very, very sad.

        • Ottawa_ Centrist….? Must have been one dilly of a comment…..

  2. "$9 million contract with the federal government" ? and how about $2.5B burned in iHealth scandal by McGuinty and his comrades in Ontario?

    • Mismanaging money isn't the same thing as (allegedly) being paid off for a government contract. Hint: one's illegal and one isn't.

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