Elections: hazardous to our health

One expert says handshakes and hugs between politicians and voters could spread H1N1


An election campaign might spread H1N1 across the country as politicians seeking support engage in door-to-door handshakes and dole out hugs at public rallies, warns Gerald Evans, president of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada. To cut that risk, some MPs are considering new campaign rules such as no handshakes. More opportunistic MPs say they’ll use this chance to encourage voters to get vaccinated and practice proper hand-washing.

Toronto Sun

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Elections: hazardous to our health

  1. Is this a joke?

    • No, it's not a joke.. they are actually running with this one…

      And the funniest part, they have two journalists on this item!

      One to write it up and another to follow close behind with toilet paper!

  2. Other stories the Sun are working on :

    Fall election could disrupt canning season, contributing to general famine.

    Fall election interrupts with Indian Summer of Love, national birthrate adversly affected.

    Fall election spoils exciting hockey season start, riots assured.

  3. They say you should open doors with your left hand as you are less likely to touch your eyes and mouth hence less chance of germs getting in to your mucus membranes. I thought perhaps that politicians should just shake with their left hands but then with gold approaching $1,000/oz they just may take our wedding bands :)

  4. It's the flu people!!! Holy smokes, this is turning into a way bigger deal than it needs to be. If Harper would just roll over and die, and take the rest of his party with him, the Liberals wouldn't need to force an election.

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