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Elizabeth Edwards dies at 61

John Edwards’ estranged wife loses battle with cancer


Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards, has lost her battle with breast cancer and died at the age of 61. Edwards had suffered from breast cancer since 2004, when her husband first ran for president and became the Democrats’ vice-presidential nominee; the couple mutually decided not to reveal the cancer until after the election. Her cancer went into remission but resurfaced incurably in 2007. After her husband ended his second presidential campaign, he admitted that he had been having an affair with another woman, with whom he fathered a child; the Edwardses separated in 2009.

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Elizabeth Edwards dies at 61

  1. As a 10 year HR positive breast cancer survivor, I mourn the passing of Elizabeth Edwards to this relentless disease. At the same time, I laud her for the courage and dignity she showed when learning of its recurrence amidst the horrible personal circumstances she was experiencing thanks to her husband's embarassing revelations. It is fitting that her legacy will hold a place of honor while his will be viewed with derision and contempt.