Elizabeth May held her last Ottawa house party


Green Leader Elizabeth May held her last annual Epiphany Party on January 6th in Ottawa. She is selling her home in the capital and will be living in New Glasgow, N.S., popping back to O-Town as needed.


May with CTV’s Rosemary Thompson (right).



Ottawa Citizen columnist Susan Riley.


May’s daughter Victoria Cate.


May with her friend and fashion adviser Shelagh M’Gonigle.



May’s former aide Camille Labchuk who was booted as a contestant on CBC’s Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister. Labchuk ran as a Green candidate in the 2006 election in New Brunswick. This apparently breaks the rules. She is considering legal action and plans to fight it. Labchuk says she was invited to participate by the producers who told her that her running in the 2006 election would not be a factor.



Labchuk’s boyfriend Mark Greenan, who is active with the NDP.


May’s manger


May’s famous cheese melts.


Dessert samples.




Elizabeth May held her last Ottawa house party

  1. Elizabeth May held her last Ottawa house party.
    Ever? Can Canada be that lucky?

    A few mischievous Q’s:

    Just how many houses does this lady own? Does she heat them all in the winter? Any of them blowing away energy for air conditioning? How much carbon does it take to travel from one home to another? How big a house is this party-filled domicile? Was energy used to melt that cheese? Cheese comes from milk comes from cows comes from unsustainable agriculture for non-vegetarians, does it not? How much of the world’s precious resources were wasted on jewelry, framed art on the walls, religious trinkets? Is that — no it can’t be — an electric refrigerator behind her and her fashion advisor? Isn’t it always fashionable to love the earth (who needs an advisor for that)?

    • Oh man, give it a rest. lol
      Ms. May’s home has been an amazing place of community and sustainability.

      As if she has several homes and paid fashion advisors, etc.
      Why not ask her about Ms. May about the environmental benefits vegetarianism, second-hand shopping and activism.

  2. Good for you not to disappoint Mitchell. It’s been , what, three weeks since you did not include a photo essay with at least one pic of Elizabeth May, unelected [reader fill in the blank]?

    Yet, here you over deliver with three pics of her, and a photo spread of her house/ snacks.

    Mitchel Raphael for Honorary Green!

    Take Wells along for next photo essay. He’ll gag, I’m sure. Even if food isn’t served.

    • I don’t know of Maher, but it’s not surprising to see Susan Riley attending, given the puff ball coverage she’s given May in the past. I wonder where Lawrence Martin is. Must be down the hall using the dual flush toilet.

      Special guests, I presume, get to use the second button. I’m sure Mitchel can provide us with a photo essay of Ms. May demonstrating its use, someday.

      • wow, bitter has it’s own flavour eh?

  3. When the Saints come marchin in!