Elizabeth May launches new book in Toronto


Green party leader Elizabeth May held the launch of her new book Losing Confidence: Power, Politics, and the Crisis in Canadian Democracy (McClelland & Stewart) at Ben McNally Books in Toronto.



May with Ralph Benmergui who is now a member of the Green party.


May with Doug Pepper, McClelland & Stewart president and publisher.


May with former Toronto Green party candidate Chris Tindal.


May’s former partner Ian Burton.


Burton and May’s daughter Victoria Cate.


Ben McNally introduces May.



Elizabeth May launches new book in Toronto

  1. You forgot to turn off the comments. Easier than deleting them all later.

  2. You know what would make me get confidence back in our democracy? A majority governement.

  3. I like how the book cover exposes its hierarchy of importance in terms of the font size.

    ELIZABETH MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I've seen another book by the same publisher with the exact same format.

  4. Who cares.

  5. Have to disagree with May. I gained confidence in Canadian democracy after last election when May/Greens lost.

    • Heh.

      As a former PC, I suspect the old party would have still been around today if we had a near-PR system.

      • Agreed! An extra fifty seats or so would have made quite a difference in ’93. Too bad we got scared and let the Reformers swallow it up.

  6. Who is Elizabeth May?

    • Elizabeth May is the one a million canadians voted for. Who is Jim?

      • Wow! Who’d a thought there were so many voters in Central Nova? Nevertheless, for a supposed “grass roots party”, who votes for the leader?

        • Using similar logic, of the 23.4 million voters eligible to vote, 22.4 million voted against “ELIZA – BETH MAY”!!! , so perhaps Jim is, like, 21.4 million ahead on the plus/minus side.

  7. Her and her daughter seem to carry all their weight in their necks/eyelids. Most regrettable.

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