Elizabeth May wins Commons seat

Green party leader defeats cabinet minister Gary Lunn


Green party leader Elizabeth May has won her bid for the seat of Saanich-Gulf Islands, defeating Conservative cabinet minister Gary Lunn. May, who’d lost two previous attempts to win a House of Commons seat, nonetheless saw her party’s share of the national vote decline to less than four per cent.

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Elizabeth May wins Commons seat

  1. So far her speech has been 100% in English. Is she a national party leader or just another local MP?

    • Her greeting was bi-lingual haha, what nerve to criticise that though, considering the speech made by Duceppe!

      • Duceppe has never pretended to lead a Canadian party; indeed, that’s the whole point. May, on the other hand, has pretensions otherwise.

    • Yes.

  2. I say congrats to her on her historic win. I may not agree with her on a platform level but I'm happy for her none-the-less. I hope she does well.

  3. I'm watching Layton's speech. It's fascinating to see both Layton and Harper use the exact same empty nationalistic language to advance their respective partisan agendas. From both the right and left wing political-emotional-bases of the voting public, patriotism feels the same from either leader. The Liberals either a) might not be completely dead because after a few years, people might want to be more nuanced about politics, or b) the left/right divide will be completely polarized and simplified– and then, former large L Liberals will have to divide between the Cons and NDP, and hope to moderate each from within.

    Also, to be cheap but observant: All that "NDP! NDP! NDP! chanting interrupting Jack seemed a tad creepy. The Cons or Libs would be shuddered at if they engaged in the same thing. Good crowd management = decent marketing nevertheless. I despise the Cons, but know the country would freak the F out if the Cons reacted the same way. Get professional, NDP, curb the mob mentality, because if you condone it then Cons can get away with it too and make things worse.

  4. I was going to say "Too bad the Green vote share went down – that's gonna cost them some cash from the per vote subsidy."

    But then I remembered that in a few months there won't be a per vote subsidy anymore – problem solved! ;-)

    • I haven't seen a single Green ad all campaign so I don't know what they've been spending their existing subsidy on anyway.

      • somewbody has to pay may's expenses

      • I think they poured all their money into May's riding–handing out packets of flower seeds to every house, among other things.

      • They read the writing on the wall & are saving for the inevitable cutting off of the teat.

    • i like the smiley face X]
      meet me in bathroom for lunch!!

  5. Let's face it, Elizabeth May's decision to put all the eggs in the basket of one seat is looking pretty good with a Conservative majority, even at the expense of a larger percentage of the popular vote. With the Green Party having a voice in parliament (even if just one seat), they will be able to build fundraising and volunteer bases with people knowing they have an outlet. With the Conservatives poised to get rid of the per vote subsidy, this is the only way the party will be able to survive.

    • Harper promised to grandfather it in, or negotiate, or something….

      • Prediction: The per vote subsidy will be phased out over the next 4 years. By the next election, in 2015, it will be gone.

        Then folks who don't donate to parties will have the pleasure of being forced to subsidize those who do donate, by a 3:1 ratio – sweet!!

      • I'm guessing it will be the reverse of the debate that created the per-vote subsidy in the first place – removing caps, and allowing corporations and unions to donate.

        Now, the real question is, will they be true fiscal conservatives and eliminate tax breaks for political donations? Yeah, probably not.

    • well evinoz you need 12 seats to be an official party

  6. Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Suck it Wherry!

    • Shouldn't you be in class sonny?

  7. Finally! Way to go Elizabeth! Very happy to see the Green Party officially having a voice! Make us proud!

  8. So the left of the left gets to suck the public teat thanks to the dope lovers on the gulf islands. The population has changed these past 40 years from hard working decent folks to a bunch of surreal lefties who want to look at the pretty tree.

  9. Usual way for Lizzie to operate. Throw the rest of the party under the bus so she will be eligible for a fat pension. No surprise however, it's always been all about her. Mission accomplished. She had to get as far away from the East Coast as possible, to get elected. Everyone down here, especially in Cape Breton, were sick of her grand standing years ago.

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  14. Well then why don't you you shut up! :)
    Polotics are so boring…
    (I like the green party personally)

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  19. Being a true environmentalist, Elizabeth May will undoubtedly have the guts to speak out about mass immigration and how it leads to endless demand for more and more housing subdivisions that are chewing up prime farmland and rich forests, especially in regions like the Greater Toronto Area. She won't be afraid to speak out about how mass immigration means more cars on the road, morestress on our urban infrastructure, more demand for energy of all kinds, more demand for water….unless of course she's just a big hypocrite.

    • Yeah, Frank. I'm sure she'll get right on that. …right after she's done arguing that health care is bad for the environment, because all those drugs we use are polluting our water while just dying young would allow our bodies to fertalize the earth.

  20. I enjoyed Lizzie May's ( and Liberal) lament that the Cons actually only got 40% of the popular vote and that she hopes someday that justice will prevail and the system re-jigged so that it is the popular vote that counts and you need to have 50% or more to govern I suppose. I also suppose that while she came close, she doesn't have over 50% of the popular vote in her riding so in her thinking she probably isn't entitled to the victory. Of course given the right circumstances under that scenario theoretically no one west of Ontario would need to cast a ballot as the elections would already be determined.

  21. Go easy dude, the NDP is the only party who's name is easily chantable. Besides, better that than "Jack!" on and on given what each signifies, no?

    I can certainly understand being disappointed with last night's results and I can certainly understand seeing what they're saying "empty nationalistic language", but please consider that perhaps the Liberals haven't been all that different; they haven't been any more nuanced in policy or in message (soldiers in the streets, only we can build a unified Canada, etc etc).

    • I know that criticizing the current Liberal Party for the failings of Paul Martin isn't entirely fair as he is 5 years and 2 leaders gone now, but I think this is worth pointing out all the same:

      The least nuanced and most empty campaign I can remember in my life was Paul Martin's. Between the ads he put out that I already mentioned, there was his constant fear-mongering about what Harper would do and his last minute desperation move with the notwithstanding clause still is one of the most jaw-droppingly audacious things I can remember.

      The Liberals certainly have no monopoly on virtue and principle when it comes to these sorts of things.

      • I agree. Martin and his substanceless, desparate campaign fully deserved to lose that election, and yes, victorious Libs can be as mindless and mob-ish as anyone. I guess I'm just saying 3 wrongs don't make a right! ;^)

        • That is more than fair, and I'll entirely agree.

  22. She lost half the votes she had a couple years ago – she's a one term loser.

  23. Good for her. The country can use a Green vote in the House.

    Sucks about the overall result, though. What did Canada do to deserve that?

  24. Why would Harper allow unions and corporations to donate? Not only are the optics horrible, the Conservatives are the clear winner when it comes to individual donations (the Liberals would like corporate and the NDP/Bloc union funding back)

  25. I've spent quite a bit of time in Saanish/Sydney and the impression I got is that everyone there is OLD. Surprised it's so Green friendly, even with hippies on Saltspring.

    • I used to live in the riding, and there actually is a fairly large population of young people, due to the University of Victoria being within the bounds of the riding.

      But more than that, it is a riding where even the retirees are extremely active and healthy. These people aren't in retirement homes – they are out running and cycling. They would be actually be highly responsive to the Green Party, which promotes healthy living.

      And finally, to call the Green Party a bunch of "lefties" and "dope lovers" is beyond ridiculous. Their platform is actually highly influenced by Red Tories that refused to join with the Conservatives after the merger. Elizabeth May herself worked in the PC government for several years, and still maintains a good relationship with Mulroney.

  26. Perhaps Lizzie May might consider brushing her teeth a bit more before we have to look at her mug in the televised debates in 2015

  27. The sooner they get rid of the vote subsidy the better. Ask the ROC how they felt about subsidizing the Bloc in Quebec the past dozen years. If you support a party put your money or volunteer effort where your mouth is.

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