Emergency motion from Khadr’s lawyers

Say government has a ‘biased predisposition towards doing nothing.’


Lawyers for accused terrorist Omar Khadr are going to federal court to try and reverse a government decision asking the U.S. to refrain from using evidence gathered by Canadian officials in the prosecution of their client. The decision comes after the Supreme Court ruled that the government was violating Khadr’s rights by participating in his U.S. detention, but did not go so far as to demand his repatriation to Canada. Khadr’s legal team say the government has ignored their requests to make submissions about how to interpret the Court’s ruling, and that it should have advised them of the move. Alex Neve, Secretary General for Amnesty International in Canada, says the government is trying to do as little as possible to help Khadr. “This government will remain defiant about Omar Khadr’s plight until the very end,” he said. “They will do nothing if they can get away with it.”


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Emergency motion from Khadr’s lawyers

  1. Why are we still wasting our Taxpayers money on this Individual…these Lawyers know full well that they are fighting a lost cause,, but they are still going to squeeze every cent they can out this case because it`s based on Charter of rights Violations so its easier to milk this type of case…pretty low!!!

  2. This guy is an obvious terrorist (killer), he killed the doctor who tried to help him while he was hurt. His family is a terrorist hotbed, they hate western values, that's why he got in Afghanistan in the first place (for training against…Canada?). The layers and politicians who like his ideas should think if they want this guy on Canada's streets perhaps with a bomb (to convince us that Islam is great and we are the bad ones…as always). I hope he will get a lengthy sentence in US, his Canadian citizenship revoked (after all he hate us..), he and his family send back where they like belong(the "Allah Akbar" type of screaming mob countries). Amnesty International is an organization for which unfortunately I lost respect.

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