Enbridge video ignores Douglas Channel islands

Video depicting proposed Northern Gateway route conveniently omits islands from the proposed shipping channel


Enbridge Inc.’s Northern Gateway pipeline is stirring controversy again, but this time it’s over a video from the company and not the politics around it.

In a video on the Enbridge website that depicts the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, around 1,000 square kilometres of islands disappear from Douglas Channel in British Columbia.

The proposed project would send bitumen via pipeline from the oil sands in Alberta to Kitimat. It would then be loaded onto tankers to be exported to Asia.

The video shows Douglas Channel as an open funnel leading from Kitimat to the Pacific. It ignores the narrow channels and islands that make up the access route.

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Enbridge video ignores Douglas Channel islands

  1. Why would you link to the video (which clearly has a disclaimer during the fly-by in question that it is not to scale and for illustrative purposes only), and not the video on the SAME site that goes into great detail on how they plan on maneuvering the channel? This one here: http://www.northerngateway.ca/economic-opportunity/northern-gateway-tanker-safety-video/

    Journalistic integrity, please. Present the big picture, not a piece of it.

  2. Wow judging by that video it looks like smooth sailing into kitimat …. Hmmm just makes me wonder how the ferry crashed since it a strait haul?

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