EnCana pipeline bomber issues a public warning

A person claiming to be behind the bombings calls for the oil and gas company to leave northern B.C. in three months


The purported bomber of EnCana-owned gas pipelines in northern B.C. issued a public warning to the company on Wednesday, saying things will “get a lot worse” if it doesn’t shut down its oil and gas operations. In a hand-written letter to the Dawson Creek Daily News, the bomber gives EnCana “three months to convince the residents here and the general public that you will commit to this program” and promises to halt all attacks on the pipelines until the deadline runs out. The letter goes on to describe the first six attacks—two of which have taken place this month—as “minor” and “fully controlled.” The RCMP, which says it got a copy of the letter from the newspaper soon after the Daily News received, has been investigating the bombings for months but have yet to lay charges.

The Canadian Press

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EnCana pipeline bomber issues a public warning

  1. good real evidence – no doubt a forensic anlysis of the paper, ink and writing style will go a long way to putting this maniac where the sun don't shine! .. not to mention that his or her new friend is very impressed and wants to learn much more about his or her activities.

    • I totally agree with you. I suggest using The Academy Group Inc. in the US. They are a group of former Chiefs of FBI forenic units and a excellent proven track record in helping various law enforcement agencies get thier man.

  2. RCMP, and many news outlets are painting Encana as good guys. I suppose they are given that the person(s) who are blowing up their pipelines are committing illegal acts. Still, I have to side with residents who don't want this sour gas pipeline running nearby their town, and especially near their children's school. Even if they catch the person doing this, no jury in this country is going to send the perpetrator to jail for doing a public service.

    The right thing for Encana to do is move their pipeline 50 miles from schools, and towns. They know this is the right thing to do, and all their righteous indignation won't change the fact that people living near thair pipelines would all like to blow them up.

    Let's also keep in mind that these companies are making hundreds of billions of dollars, and can easily afford to move their pipelines.