End of the world theories disproved, Australia still exists on Dec. 21, 2012

Folks Down Under send up the good word


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End of the world theories disproved, Australia still exists on Dec. 21, 2012

  1. Uff…

  2. you jackasses, the mayans were in central time and didn’t know what time zones even were back then.

    • Doesn’t change that it’s 12/21 and they are still alive. Were you hoping for another result? LOL

      • Just for the record…your response has no merit. The world will not end but the Mayan calendar is based on central time….we as humans created the timezone. Their calendar is for the earth as a whole….

        • You’re an idiot. Time zones didn’t exist back then, so the Mayan calendar is NOT based on Central time. There’s no evidence that they divided the days into hours either.

          And finally, leap years didn’t exist back then. By the Mayan’s calculations, the world was to end 18 months ago.

  3. the world is not ending people! wake up people.

  4. Um time zones didnt exist back then. it is 6:11am EST in the USA fyi. so you got a few more hours yet

  5. There was also no leap year back then. So technically the calendar is over already.

  6. The world wouldn’t end just for Australia The time zone means nothing If the world does end today/tomorrow depending on where you live its going to happen all at once, not just each time zone at a time… Do you even lift?

  7. Everyone doesn’t celebrate the New Year at the same time. 11:11 UT (0) is allegedly when the world is ending. New York is -5, so it would be 6:11 AM. Australia is UDT +11, so it would be 10:11 PM. You are so dumb.

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