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Enough with the Hitler analogies, Tea Partiers

Oh, and cut out the East Germany parallels, too


If there’s room for debate about whether the Tea Party is a populist movement worth taking seriously or a reactionary debasing of U.S. political discourse, on one matter there can be little argument: the obnoxious German history references have to stop. A conservative columnist compares Barack Obama’s Gulf oil spill reaction to Hitler’s approach—and Sarah Pallin applauds. A placard at a Tea Party rally shows Obama with Hitler—and also Lenin, just for good measure. TV rabble-rouser Glenn Beck makes the Hitler-Obama comparison routinely. And a Tea Party candidate in Alaska at least mixes up the German theme by citing the Berlin Wall, apparently favourably, as a model for a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico. All this and more distasteful stuff is pulled into context by the English-language website of Der Spiegel, where they know about the pitfalls of these grotesque misuses of vague historical notions.

Der Spiegel

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Enough with the Hitler analogies, Tea Partiers

  1. Why not, it is an absolute perfect fit. The Nazis, not unlike the Democrats were socialists to the extreme 'nationalizing' scores of businesses and industries. Like the Democrats, the Nazis used propoganda such as the world had never seen with hypocrisy after hypocrisy being their signature card. Just like the NPR is doing today to Juan Williams in the States the Nazis silenced those in the media with whom they did not agree.

    • I don't know the details of what has happened between Juan WIlliams and NPR but I can be quite certain that he hasn't been "disappeared" or had a midnight knock at the door.

      You sir, are an idiot.

      • CNN also fired Rick Sanchez after he appeared on NPR and said Jews control the media. I'm sure Mr. Bean will recall how Hitler used to stick up for Jews.

    • God bless you you ignorant little imp! You don't know the first thing about Nazi economic policies and how they were implented do you? Yeah, NPR = Goebbels, got it thanks.

    • a lot of people think Bush and his gang of cronies were the real Nazis ..Nazis like to take peoples freedoms away and invade other countries ..sounds Republican to me …but of course since the Nazis were far more extreme than the Republicans …they were certainly right wing and not left wing

  2. I hope the American literate class can put the Nazi/Hitler parallels to shame before Germany and the rest of the world have to do it for them. America is still one of the greatest places in the world to live and prosper, regardless of how much extreme elements of the Tea Party desire to portray otherwise. The largest problem facing the nation is the near death of social mobility, and in turn the American dream. This began decades before Obama was in the White House.

    • Agreed and they should know that!

    • Don't mention the literate class to a Tea Party member. Literacy is for them elites that are ruining the country. Not finishing things earlier in your life, such as your term as governor or your college, actually burnishes your image as a Tea Party candidate.

  3. just do a google search for "bush" and "hitler" or the two words conjoined and see how much stuff from 2004/2006/2008 comes up. it was way more common than anything being thrown at obama.

    liberals are such hypocrites.

    • The Bush is Hitler crowd was a marginalized group of hyperbolic dullards, rightfully called out by most people, left or right. They were afforded no prominence, no celebrity, no millions of followers and did not raise massive amounts of money.

      The Obama is Hitler crowd is soaked in prominent opinion leaders, at the lead of a loosely affiliate network of millions. They fund-raise millions and millions of dollars through such hyperbole and are elevated to celebrities.

      It used to be that such empty rhetoric, like the Bush is Hitler crowd, would be publicly marginalized in short order. The Obama is Hitler group has gained a level of legitimacy most other quacks can only dream of.

      • bull. it was a daily occurrence on dailykos, the biggest left-wing blog, publicly supported by the democrats.

        as for obama=hitler signs/statements, they really are rare even though you wouldn't know it from the reporters who desperately seek out every crank they can find. ever been to a tea party? didn't think so.

        • I think you are confusing allegations of breaking the American constitution with Nazi similes.

    • So idiots who called Bush Hitler means it's okay to call Obama Hitler? As Jon Stewart says, how about a new placard that reads "I disagree with you but I'm pretty sure you're not Hitler."

      • how about reading the fu*king post. liberals did it for 8 years and it was fine. tea partiers generally don't do it, but it's a big deal when a few do. liberals are hypocrites. no that does not mean that it's ok for everyone else to act as dishonestly and rudely as liberals.

        tea partiers get called racists by news orgs all the time. you lot don't have a thing to say about it. a *few* people at tea parties make outlandish comparisons and generally get told to leave.

        how about liberals start acting like grownups and then maybe we'll listen to what you have to say about our tone. oh right, if they did that they'd be conservatives.

        • How about you read the f*cking original post from Der Spiegel.

          I think I'll take my lessons on how to deal with the effect of comparisons to totalitarinism of the NAZI or Communist sort from the Germans rather than you .

          • yes an in-the-tank-for-obama publication will give you a much more objective picture of the tea parties than someone who's…i dunno…been to them.

            calling tea partiers crazy racists = good. calling bush hitler = good. calling obama hitler = more evidence for how crazy the tea partiers are and also reprehensible. got it. you are the world. you are the children.

          • Reading comprehension = fail.

            Foaming at the mouth = win.

          • I try not to get too worked up over liberals who claim the Tea Party as racist this and racist that. We know what it really stands for (liberty, freedom) and it's really a matter of if the other person is willing to see that.

            If not, it's easy to just stick their heads in the sand, pretend government should solve all problems, and call the Tea Partiers racist. When you're younger, you want the extra money socialism provides you, but when you work for it, you realize anyone can work for it and it doesn't make sense for anyone to not forge their own lives without government intervention.

          • All fine. Disappointing that none of you showed up while George W. Bush was expanding the government at such a rapid pace.

          • you ever hear of the 2006 midterm election?

  4. just do a google search for "bush" and "hitler" or the two words conjoined and see how much stuff from 2004/2006/2008 comes up. it was way more common than anything being thrown at obama.

    • Definitely. Most conservatives are older and more mature, not needing to make such outlandish generalizations.

      But for the youth, saying Bush = Hitler = cool!

  5. I find it odd that Obama – a guy who would've been executed according to Hitler's 'doctorine' – is being compared to Hitler by a bunch of people who wouldn't have been.

    • i know, it makes no sense, I think most educated or informed person would understand that!

      • And thus the quandry is answered.

        • "qunadry"? what was that about educated or informed people?

          liberals: taking hypocrisy, ignorance, and patronizing arrogance to brave new levels.

          • Yo, guest, go to skool. This here board is usin' too big of words.

          • Heh. Kudos for best unintentional irony I've seen in a while.

          • Ha, I agree!

          • i guess a guy with your reputation around here needs something to smile at once in a while.

    • hitler would also have been executed by hitler's doctrine since he was part jewish.

      read a book. please.

  6. Awesome! What a breath-taking rant…I up-thumbed it. Feel better?

  7. If fascism ever comes to America it will come wrapped in the flag.
    While there are moderates in the Tea Party movement who are neither Republican nor Democrat, the more radical wing of the movement specializes in a special brand of neo fascism, blaming Democrats and liberals for the failures of the party of their choice, the Republicans, and are purely partisan and about partisan power. They seemingly forgive Republicans for 911 and all of the country's economic problems, while trying to pin the blame on liberals for current economic mess. They seem to forget about the $5 1/2 trillion budget surplus, balanced budget, and zero deficits that Bush and the Republicans blew.

    Listening to their rants, remembering the swastikas at the town hall meetings, their belief that they are the true Americans, their attitudes make them text book fascists in their ideology, political approach and beliefs and all anyone has to do is simply look up fascism and read the manifestos to see for themselves.

    That neo fascistic part of the movement appeals to the least educated and most easily led people in the country. While they try and blame liberals for what they see as being anti-American in their beliefs, they seem to forget that the country was founded by liberals and on the philosophy of liberalism and that Thomas Jefferson defined the new country as a "liberal democracy".

    On the other hand, the two most conservative governments in the world are America's biggest enemies — Iran and North Korea.

    Go figure

  8. According to Noam Chomsky “In 1928 the Nazis had less than 2 percent of the vote,” he said. “Two years later, millions supported them. The public got tired of the incessant wrangling, and the service to the powerful, and the failure of those in power to deal with their grievances.”

    He said the German people were susceptible to appeals about “the greatness of the nation, and defending it against threats, and carrying out the will of eternal providence.”

    When farmers, the petit bourgeoisie, and Christian organizations joined forces with the Nazis, “the center very quickly collapsed,” Chomsky said.

    No analogy is perfect, he said, but the echoes of fascism are “reverberating” today, he said.

    “These are lessons to keep in mind.”

    Sarah Palin , Beck , Limbaugh etc are pandering to the same sentiments that lead to the destruction of Germany. Fascism is preferred by big business ergo their strong financial support for the tea party movement.

  9. audience guffaws while rob reiner compares tea partiers to nazis on bill maher's show yesterday:


    hypocrisy – thy name is liberal.

  10. Gary Alinsky … we're on to you … give it up already.

    The Nazi imagery is no doubt concocted by Alinskyite infiltrators. The vast majority of TeaPartiers are average Americans sick and fed up of the massive growth of government.

    You are so far Left, that anyone who wants smaller government is somehow a fascist to you.

    It is a strange form of political illiteracy which equates smaller government, lower taxes, reduced spending, fewer regulations, greater personal freedom with 'fascism'.

  11. Awwwww. Does America's affirmative-action president find analogies offensive? It is the same old lefty double standard. Only conservatives can be called fascists, dontchya know. Not polite to point out similarities between fascism and liberalism, right?

    What's good for the gander is good for the goose, you lefty lickspittles! Hey, I seem to recall you lefty turds liked calling Bush a monkey too…I can just imagine how giving President Obutthole the same treatment will go over with you PC morons…

    Enjoy your reward in November, idiots.