Environment Canada rejects recycling, buys new office furniture

Department spent $140K to store furniture it didn’t keep


Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent has remained tight-lipped over his department’s decision to replace a Gatineau, Que. office building’s workstations with new furniture. Environment Canada spent $141,000 to store the furniture for about a year, before putting it up for auction and purchasing new furniture for the building, which was under renovation. However, a spokesman told Postmedia News the government thought it was more “cost-effective” to replace the cabinets, steel metal wall panels covered in fabric, electrical outlets and wiring. The spokesman said the department is working on an explanation as to why it paid to store furniture it didn’t keep.


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Environment Canada rejects recycling, buys new office furniture

  1. As much as I’m a knee-jerk Con-basher, I think I have to give Mr. Kent the benefit of the doubt if he hasn’t managed to solve the problem of  “lack of central leadership, tracking, co-ordination and followup,” in the six months since he’s had the portfolio.  Especially since most of the decisions here happened before he was in charge.

  2. This is pure bureaucracy. They probably paid to store it, because they weren’t sure they would have the money to buy new. Once they found that they had the money, they bought the new stuff.

    This isn’t anyone’s fault – it has to do with the nature of bureaucracies, and unaccountability. If anyone want to fix this across the board, they would bonus gov’t managers by how much they come in under budget. Then we would see the ‘spend it all or we get less next year’ mentality disappear.

  3. Headline makes it look like Environment Canada cancelled their bluebox program.

  4. Environment Canada bureaucrats are busy in leaking position papers lambasting Peter Kent about Canada lack of action to solve the man made global warming. They can not be bothered about saving the resources and carbon used to produce new furniture by using their old furniture.  Who knows maybe Dion’s dog, Kyoto soiled it.

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