Paul Watson on the run from Interpol


Legendary environmental activist Paul Watson, whose tactics have included crashing his own ships against whaling vessels, is on the run from Interpol. Last month he skipped bail in Germany. Now the international police agency has issued a warrant for his arrest, the National Post reports.

Watson was arrested in May in Germany on a warrant from Costa Rica (yes, the whole thing is a tad complicated) for allegedly endangering fishermen in Central America about a decade ago. He was released on a $320,000 bail. Clearly, the amount was not high enough, because Watson has left Germany, according to his organization, the Sea Shepherd Society.

Watson said he feared extradition to Japan, home of many of the whalers he pisses off with his work. He wrote on his website that “Costa Rica and Germany have simply been pawns in the Japanese quest to silence Sea Shepherd in an attempt to stop our annual opposition of their illegal whaling activities… This is not about justice; it is about revenge.”


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Paul Watson on the run from Interpol

  1. The notorious environmental fascist Paul Watson is probably hiding out at David Suzuki’s mansion, living it up on the donations made by their useful idiot followers.

  2. Apparently he thinks that laws apply to others but not himself. Too bad there isn’t a fisherman with a gun who holds the same perspective…

  3. Why can’t he FACE the people he keeps ATTACKING on “Television?”
    What a blinkin SHAM!!!

  4. The law constantly protects people doing disgusting deeds to this planet. Whaling, shark finning, coral reef destruction, oil spills….are only a few of the mere Oceanic list. None of which have been stopped by the law. Nor will they ever be. There are constant loopholes for such types. Paul takes matters into his own hands before it’s too late. That’s his philosophy. Good for him! He also knows how many people have a bounty on his head I’m sure, and it’s pretty obvious this will be considered a long coming victory from various right wing pundits. Who knows what he’s planning while he’s gone, but I hope it’s shocking. Though it still wouldn’t make anyone change. Nothing ever does. Humanity will destroy this planet bit by bit in the name of the bottom line and be stupid enough to wonder how it all happened. Then point fingers as to who caused it. Which will be many different industries – one on the list being the people who would love to see Paul’s head on a platter. No real changes happen without outlaws, and this has always been the case in history.

  5. Paul Watson is a hero. He is protecting our family, which is nature, the whales. I would use whatever tactics necessary to protect my family. The Japanese are pathetic, money hungry an idiots and do it under the guise of research….in whale sanctuary waters?? Sea Shepherd society…keep up the great work!

  6. It appears Watson’s (and Sea Shepherd’s) mantra/motto is “The End Justifies The Means.” In order to protect wildlife, he’s destroying property, endangering lives (is he really going to tell me that an animal’s life is worth more than a human’s?), and generally being a menace. His actions, in some circles, COULD be considered “terrorism”. And he’s looking for sympathy? That mantra/motto, if taken literally, could be put at the feet of many a brutal dictator…!

  7. Paul Watson and Greenpeace murdered my friend and companion, Miracle the Killer Whale in the 1970’s. Paul Watson only cares about himself, and being in the spotlight.

  8. Paul Watson is the only person brave enough to stand up and protect the whales!!!

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