Environmentalists to Obama: Alberta Has “Dirty” Oil

Groups of both sides of the border campaign against the oilsands ahead of Obama’s Ottawa visit


Sixteen environmentalist groups in Canada and the U.S. have joined to ask U.S. President Barack Obama to stick to his new energy plan ahead of his visit to Canada next week, despite the possibility that Ottawa may ask him to support production from the Alberta oilsands. Toronto-based Environmental Defence is one of the groups involved in the campaign, which launches today and includes an online petition at Obama2Canada.org with the banner “The tar sands don’t fit in the new energy economy.” The newspaper ad is running in Roll Call, a Capital Hill newspaper in Washington, and reads “On February 19 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will try to sell President Obama on a North American climate pact that gives special treatment to the tarsands in Alberta, the source of the dirtiest oil on earth.”

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Environmentalists to Obama: Alberta Has “Dirty” Oil

  1. Now this is going to get interesting how can Obama sign up more guarantees for our so called dirty oil and at the same time promote the use their own dirty shale oil – you gotta love it!

  2. Before it was the just “the evil Oil industry”. Since it is extremely hypocritical for environmentalists to gripe about an industry that allows for such things as the plastics used in the computers that they gleefully blog us to death on, the fuel that runs their ships and zodiacs as they speed toward the next cause celebre, and the fuel that lets them fly around the planet, spreading the gospel (sorry, I forgot you can’t make any religious inferences), now we see them draw a line between “clean oil” and “dirty oil”. I mean, far better we support countries whose social and political systems ceased development sometime around the dark ages, than work on developing oil reserves that we have in abundance here. The wingnut mentality of these people really starts to show when it is announced that new standards will be enforced for oilsands operations to reduce the liquid wastes in their tailings, and reclaim more of the sand earlier. All they can say is that “It’s not enough!”. Bravo, greenpeace!! Compared to what they were doing before (nothing), it’s a major step forward. Just a note: I regularly go to a plant whose wastewater ponds are small berms contained within the plant site. They recycle water over one hundred times as they process the “dirty oil”. I would say that such attention to their water use is a large part of their production costs, and reflects positively on industry attitudes in general. If the U.S. persists in basing policy on the bleatings of the environmental industry (a name I like), they will see energy prices soar again, further tanking their economy. Come to think of it, that might be their intent.

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