Epilepsy drug hurts babies’ I.Q. scores

Pregnant women on drug had children with lower I.Q. scores, study shows


Children born to women who took a popular epilepsy drug while pregnant had significantly lower I.Q. scores than those whose moms took a different drug, according to a new study. The drug, valproate, which is sold generically and under the brand name Depakote, is the second-most popular antiseizure medication for epilepsy; it’s also often used to treat migraines, pain and psychiatric disorders, the New York Times reports, although earlier studies found that use during pregnancy increased the risk of developmental delays and major malformations. According to the research, which appears in the New England Journal of Medicine, three-year-olds whose mom took valproate during pregnancy had I.Q. scores nine points lower, on average, than kids whose mothers took a different antiseizure drug, lamotrigine. Their scores were also lower than those of kids who took two other antiseizure drugs. Children’s I.Q. scores were strongly related to those of their mothers, except for kids whose mothers took valproate, the study found.

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Epilepsy drug hurts babies’ I.Q. scores

  1. It’s not at all surprising that the babies would have lower i.q. scores; they were born to women who were stupid enough to take drugs while they were pregnant! Time and again we’ve seen evidence of teratogenic effects on babies as a result of pharmaceutical drugs. Thalidomide, D.E.S., the list goes on…
    People need to question their damn, drug-pushing doctors!
    It’s one thing if the women took the drug for epilepsy, something they’ve got through no fault of their own, but these damn doctors pushing drugs for so-called “psychiatric disorders” ought to be forced to pay.
    Depakote is used as an anti-seizure drug yet it causes tremors and worsening of seizures as a ‘side-effect’; it’s prescribed for migraines yet it causes headaches as a ‘side-effect; it’s prescribed for so-called “psychiatric disorders” but it causes emotional problems, memory loss, nervousness, depression and suicide ideation as ‘side-effects.’
    If you’re not already questioning everything your doctor suggests, you ought to be!

    • I should add I definitely don’t mean to be disrespectful to women who took the drug as prescribed by their doctors; it’s the damn pharmaceutical industry I have a hate on for. I haven’t got much nice to say about the damn doctors who push drugs, either. Don’t let these clowns ruin your health with their poisons!

    • Women who are epileptic and pregnant often have no other options but to continue their medications while pregnant. Coming off of these medications which control the frequency and severity of their seizures can have even more detrimental effects on the mother, who could go into a seizure pattern called “status” which can kill her or the uncontrolled seizures could kill her unborn baby. The point of this project was to see if these drugs had any effect on the children born to these women. Whereas Valproate was deemed detrimental, it is good news for mothers that these other drugs did not seem to have the same effects, therefore are safer for mothers to use. Although you may consider doctors just drug pushers, without these medications, many of these womens’ lives would be just one seizure after another. SO before YOU start judging people, perhaps you ought to speak to a person w/epilepsy and maybe get a better understanding of the disease and how it affects these people.

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