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Equalization favours Maritimes and Manitoba

Report finds equalization program create “disproportionately” large bureaucracies


A new report by Winnipeg’s Frontier Centre for Public Policy has found the federal equalization program unduly favours the Maritimes and Manitoba at other provinces’ expense by increasing the number of federal government employees in those provinces. This leads to the Maritimes and Manitoba having overly large bureaucracies, writes author Ben Eisen in the 24-page report, Stealth Equalization: How Federal Government Employment Acts as a Regional Economic Subsidy in Canada. For example, PEI has the highest concentration of federal bureaucrats of any province at 3,675 for every 100,000 residents; Alberta, by contrast, has the lowest rate of federal public servants, at just 936 per 100,000.

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Equalization favours Maritimes and Manitoba

  1. I don't quite follow. The location of federal employees is NOT part of the equalization program. And looking at the article, it must once again be pointed out that Newfoundland is not part of the Maritimes. Next Alberta will be referred to as on the "West Coast".

  2. Consider the source.

  3. Waiting for the takers to speak up, Veterans Affairs anyone? A bunch of out of town crates to make the numbers look good. Yeah that's real effective as long term growth.
    Someday maybe a government will get out of it's own way and let naturally occurring growth prosper instead of sinking it in favour of jobs that produce near 0 net growth in the economy around them.

  4. Doesn't the province of Quebec get 60% of equalization payments? Wasn't half of Ottawa transferred to Hull? Wasn't the Space Agency put there for no good reason? Same for Air Canada H.O.? Same for half our military, some, pulled out of the Maritimes? Don't get me started on Bombardier and the endless billions pumped into that one company.

  5. Un-surprising.