Er, about that prediction... -

Er, about that prediction…


So, yeah: I made a horrendously, hideously, wretchedly bad election call. The Bloc Québécois has been around (much) longer than I’ve been covering politics, and I couldn’t bring myself to the idea that the party would go bye-bye in such a spectacularly-melty fashion. Whoops. Mea Culpa.

“Also from the desk of Martin Patriquin that Friday: ‘Flyers in 4’; ‘bin Laden to live to a ripe old age,'” wrote a friend of mine, hilariously kicking me while I was down.

Mind you, this friend is a lifelong Maple Leafs fan. At least I can admit when I’m wrong.

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Er, about that prediction…

  1. " ….hilariously kicking me while I was down."

    I am glad someone did because I felt like doing it myself. :)

    Most political junkies experienced cognitive dissonance on Monday, I reckon. Those polls that were predicting over 100 seats for NDP, didn't everyone think those were wrong, no way could NDP be that high, polls are not reliable ….. We were all finding excuses to not believe what was before our eyes.

    I ended up deciding that NDP would win 20-25 seats in Quebec and that seemed high to me, thought I was taking a risk.

    However, I am glad to be so wrong if it means BQ take body blow.

  2. Martin, brave mea culpa.

    While others will spend much time analysing and dissecting what happened, here's my analysis: It was the Hoser election.

    To me it started when Jack Layton and Olivia Chow muscled their way into the camera shot at Wayne Gretzky's bar to be shown celebrating the gold medal overtime goal when it eventually came (the camera shot had been broadcast earlier). And he sealed the deal with his beer, good cheer while wearing his Montreal Canadiens sweater.

    Harper got rid of his blue sweater in favour of his Canada jacket – similar to something you'd see many hockey parents wearing in arenas across Canada.

    Dion looked kind of wimpy last election playing road hockey and unable to score despite many efforts on the goalie. And Ignatieff – apart from trying to buy votes with plans of financing of arenas and bridges, didn't look like someone who would appreciate the charms and sophistication of a Don Cherry.

    • Nailed it one Dot. Whenever i overthink this election, and indeed this country, i'm going to look this post up. I should bookmark it. Congrats.
      Where oh where can the libs come up with such characters? A tough guy who's also a bit of a populist and a bit of an intellectual? The best one they ever had is long dead now – they should stop digging him up – it's becoming creepy; let him RIP.
      Chretien is gone too[ not so hot on the intellect- lots of charm and street smarts though] Who's out there? Can the pedulum swing ack far enough for JT? Extremely doubtful? Andrew Coyne…just kidding. He's insist on banishing the word subsidy or tax credit from the liberal party charter. And besides he's older then dirt.[ teasing AC.Just just teasing. You seem to have kept all your hair,..i'm just jealous]

  3. That's alright Martin. 40% of Canadians made an even more horrendous election call. One with much more serious ramifications.

  4. Terry Milewski did a great write-up.

    "Wrong, wrong, wrong: How the voters made fools of us all – except maybe Jason Kenney

    Oh, we'll get to those clever theories soon enough. But can we quickly get a fast mea culpa out of the way? With luck, no one will notice.

    Kenney, of course, has personified the Tory ground game for years – a one-man vote-getting machine who routinely grinds his way through 20 events per weekend.

    Vietnamese New Year? He's there. Vaisakhi Day? He's at every parade. Eid al Fitr? Pesach? If there were an annual festival for Martians, Kenney would be there to explain how the Liberals had lost touch with Martian values, and that the Conservatives embodied their faith in family, hard work and limited government. And, on the way in the cab, he'd practice how to say a prayer to the planetary gods in fluent Martian.

    Next time they hold an election pool, I'm asking Jason what he thinks, before I throw away $10.

    • Don't you find that just a wee bit creepy? I saw him on one video bobbing and weaving, nodding his head and smiling like some dime store buddha that doesn't have a reset switch. No one, no one outside the Whatever community itself likes the music that much. JK wrote the book on how to be obsequious.

      • On election night I thought his head was going to split in two if his smile got any wider!!!

        • But was he dancing man? Was he like grooving to the beat of some indo-Canadian marsala, or merely keeping time to the beatles, or was it much much worse… the bee gees? :)