Err...'traffic ticket'?? -

Err…’traffic ticket’??


We all know Darryl Sutter didn’t get much skoolin’ while he was training to be one of the toughest competitors of his NHL era. But surely a good farm boy from Viking, Alta. knows it’s poor form to minimize a career-ending injury caused by a deliberate blow to the skull.

So we were a tad surprised after the Flames GM inked Todd Bertuzzi to a one-year, $1.95-million contract to read the following quote from Sutter on Bertuzzi’s attack on Steve Moore: “I think that’s a long time ago,” Sutter is quoted as saying in today’s Globe. “It’s like, I had a traffic ticket three years ago. I hope there are three or four fans that can forget I went through a red light.”

Ah, not really, Darryl. Unless you maimed a guy going through that light.

This compelling remark does not appear in the online version of Eric Duhatschek’s story on the signing. A paraphrased version does, however, pop up in the Calgary Sun. Neither paper treats it as earth-shattering, or even mildly off-key. So I guess we too will mark it up to Sutter’s woolly-mouthed manner of expressing himself, and await the inevitable clarification from the Flames front office.

As for Bert, here’s hoping he has a few good years left in him. He’ll need the money to pay Moore’s civil award.


Err…’traffic ticket’??

  1. It’s a shame, you know, there is far less room for licking flames on the left-border of the letter T that will now emblazon the front jerseys of the Calgary Thugs.

  2. and Moore will need the award to pay Tim Danson for his endless press time.

  3. Honestly, who cares? Moore had it coming. His cheapness (elbow to the head of other teams captain) went unpunished by the refs and the league. What he did was much more dangerous than a gloved punch to the helmet. MOORE HIMSELF threw an elbow at an elite player’s chin.

    Come on people. Get over it already.
    Bert’s a good, no GREAT, player. I’m glad Calgary picked him up, but I wish the habs would’ve done it instead.

    Go Habs.

  4. His comment was just wrong, show some humility, still a great player…