EU calls Roma deportations a 'disgrace' -

EU calls Roma deportations a ‘disgrace’

Compares expulsions to Vichy France’s deportation of Jews


The European Commission has threatened Nicolas Sarkozy’s French government with legal action over the crackdown and expulsion of its Roma population. EU Justice commissioner Viviane Reding accused the French government of duplicity, called the deportations a disgrace, and likened the French government’s policy to Vichy France’s deportation of Jews. “I have been appalled by a situation which gave the impression that people are being removed from a member state just because they belong to a certain ethnic minority. This is a situation I had thought Europe would not have to witness again after the second world war,” said Reding, as reported by the Guardian.


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EU calls Roma deportations a ‘disgrace’

  1. What a load of twaddle! Most European countries, particularly the UK, would like to see the back of their roaming gypsies. These folks have taken scrounging off the state to a level of professionalism unheard of in most civilised countries. In Italy, bands are known to virtually terrorise tourists at popular venues. For that reason tourists are advised to either carry nothing in their pockets or pin them shut if they visit popular tourist locations in Rome.

    Villages in the UK spend endless time in legal wrangles trying to remove them from ad hoc campsites, from which it is alleged the goods of local villages disappear and occasional robberies originate.

    Roaming bands of culturally separate people have a very romantic sound to it with wildly painted caravans and horse-drawn trailers. But the reality on the ground is not so pleasant as we have experienced in a number of countries.

    Perhaps the question is if we have the authority to demand that people meet local standards of cleanliness, education, and “fit” in accepting them for local habitation. The alternative to forcing these folks into the local structure is to accept the poorly educated and expensive drag on the local economy that they may be.

    The first question is if we can force our local children into school, why can we not make the same demands of these folks – as I’ve not seen that done in any of the countries in which I’ve lived; though to be fair, they may participate in rural French communities – but there is the question of “fit”, again…

    However, to compare France’s decision to remove a large block of non-contributory foreign citizens from their culture during a period of intense financial need with a 60 year old policy that ended in death camps is nicely referenced as hyperbole, an art in which EU politicians are adept and commensurately lacking in credibility for that reason.

  2. The Roma are EU citizens. France signed a treaty allowing free passage of EU citizens across French borders, outlawing ethnic discrimination within France, and giving the EU jurisdiction for enforcement.

    • This sounds so familiar. Here in the United States, the state of Arizona (France), is told it cannot enforce immigration law because that falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal government (The EU), who, refuse to do a thing about the illegal immigration problem.

      Screw the EU and the Federal government if they won't do their jobs. Get out, and vote them out, and then throw them out. Key word is "out"

      Or to quote the High Plains Drifter when he was told he couldn't just throw those "brothers and sisters" out into the street:

      "They're your brothers and sisters are they? Then you won't mind if they come over and stay at YOUR place"

    • Great. They are EU citizens. They have free passage, fine. There isn't anything in EU citizenship that affords you the right to squat on land or that grants exemption from local laws.

    • I believe the word is "free passage" not free stay or nothing really there that says automatic citizenship?

  3. I think everybody who is in any country illegally should be deported as soon as they are discovered. Or else what's the point of even defining legal immigration?

  4. is disgrace because the deportation depend on the ethnic origin for Romas and the further more as EU citizen they are allowed to stay in French, Ariadne imagine if the government of harper decide to deport all the first nation population from Saskatoon to somewhere else in order to improve the safety of the city, is deeply disgrace and shameful and dangerous too.
    Is pity whats happen in French and some European countries.

    • Your example does not fit. The Roma are not native to France.

  5. as EU citizen they are allowed to stay in France but it's a disgrace because the deportation depend on the ethnic origin for Romas , Ariadne imagine if the government of harper decide to deport all the first nations
    to somewhere else in order to improve the safety of our cities, is deeply disgrace and
    shameful and dangerous too.
    It's pity what happen in France and some European countries.

    • Aren't you stretching your facts too far? Unless, of course if Romas are natives of France?

  6. Not to worry. I think I heard Obama plans to tax the Amercan rich to pay for the air transporatation of all gypsies to the state of Arizona.

    Then they will have full health care coverage courtesy of the actually working American citizens, and he'll have another new devoted voter base.

    Problem solved.

  7. I've done my share of teasing the French, but I'm 100% behind you on this one. I just wish our leaders had the courage to evict OUR Roma's: The illegal alien Mexican.

    Frankly, I'm suprised of all countries, France, would sign away their soverign rights to do as they please to a bunch of elitist EU pansies.

    Quit the union France, and England too. Reject socialism.

    • Our Roma's are the french you history failure! If the Roma's had as much support as the french over the past 300 years, they would be kicking the french out. For sure!

  8. Leftist wanne-be dictators in the EU are a disgrace, real Europeans should storm the Belgium Bastille.

  9. Maybe the EU Justice commissioner is upset because now the Roma will start to seek a new place to live off of, and it might be her home.

    • More like it.

  10. Its working great for quebec french!