EU divided on military intervention in Libya

Germany hesitates, while British and French push for military action


The European Union is meeting at a crisis summit in Brussels to discuss the ongoing fighting between loyalists and anti-government forces in Libya. The European leaders are debating whether or not to push for military action. While British and French representatives say they would support military intervention and officially recognizing the rebel body identified as the Libyan National Council, Germany is proving reluctant to follow suit, saying Europe should consult with the Arab League before stepping in.

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EU divided on military intervention in Libya

  1. You don't wait around until consultations can be arranged. Having precipitated the crisis, you'd better back it up with support on the ground.

    Look,to over-through these regimes was a bone-headed move from the get go. It was also completely illegal, but it seems that such considerations are of little weight these days. The aftermath of not staying in the fight until the job is done will be much worse. Libya's M G is not going to forget this. Neither will his son(s). Neither will his tribe. Neither will the corporations that were salivating at the prospect of greater access to Libya's reserves.

    The Libyans that sided with the rebellion won't remember. They will be dead.

    • Are you suggesting NATO was behind the revolt against Ghadaffi in the first place? Don't the Libyans have sufficient reason on their own to finally try and free themselves from his particular form of despotism? (Your reference to their revolt as being "illegal" is surely meant to be humerous)

      • It is my position that the revolts across the region have been encouraged with substantial nudging from organizations outside of the countries in question, in much the same way as the colour revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia. It is that which I am characterizing as illegal. Oh, it is all done at arms (sic) length, so that posteriors are covered, but it is still interference in the sovereignty of another nation.

        The fomenting of pretext would never have had it's center within the NATO apparatus. It is much better optics to have the planning done via an NGO.

        What do you know about Libya under Ghadaffi? It has/had one of the highest levels of in quality of life for all of Africa. If the Libyans had cause to rebel, and I am not saying they didn't, why did they wait until now to do it? If the uprising isn't supported, then won't the authors of the disturbance be responsible for the deaths of those they incited to revolt?

  2. This is all nonsense. Clinton, et al, quietly back Gaddafi. The Obama admin is playing a double game, with al the 'organic revolutions are best' crap.

    Foreign jihadists have been infiltrating the east for years, and the U.S. is not going to have a coalition government of al Qaida-aligned moles, infiltrators, security threats, etc. Gaddafi is not far off the mark with his claims, and he is regarded as the lesser of two evils, since he has been repressing the infiltrators, and has been reasonably behaving himself of late.

    It wouldn't even surprise me if they were feeding Gaddafi intel, not the resistance.

  3. It sounds like the Arab League will also call for a no-fly zone – which begs the question as to why it can't be done by Egypt.

  4. Thanks for answering my question (and really making an effort to actually read my post… Not!) "What do you know about Libya under Ghadaffi?" Your actual answer: Not much.

    Enjoy living in your simplistic little world.

  5. Wow new iPad cant respond to previous comments but I say go enforce a nobly at least! Oops nofly. It's anobrainer. Libya is literally in the wests backyard. It's not quote The Middle East, it's across the puddle from Italy. Not even across the pond if you will.

    • (New iToy? This is about Libya, Mr. Jobs.)
      Obama will let Gaddafi's forces overrun and kill off the jihadist infiltrators in the East. The State Dept. has known about them for some time. Gaddafi's 'ravings' are not far off the mark.

      THEN he'll tighten the 'noose' he talked about tonight.

  6. Libyans can sort themselves out, no need for intervention.

  7. There are basically two sides to the issue in the European Parliament. One side says, “Let the Americans do it!” And the other side says, “Let the Americans do it!” However, the two sides still can’t agree on anything, because it all comes down to how the Americans will do it.

  8. There's a huge debate in the European Parliament over intervention in Libya. One side (the British and the French) says, "Let the Americans do it!" The other side (led by the Germans) says, "Let the Americans do it, but let's consult the Arabs first." As you can see, the two sides are very far apart on this issue.

  9. .
    Obama wants Gaddifi to overrun the country and bury the jihadists who have been infiltrating western Libya for years. That's why he's waiting.

    Gaddifi's claim about al Qaida operatives fomenting (or at least fanning and hijacking) the insurection is not that far from the mark.

    Then get rid of Gaddafi. That's the long-range plan. Yes, the international noose is tightening around his neck. But Obama doesn't want it immediately.

    If Gaddafi loses suddenly, through U.S. support, then the U.S. will be faced with a new regime infested with moles, security infiltration threats, jihadist and even al Qaida-aligned factions.

  10. I wonder how long it will be before the World finds out how much France was paid to assist Gaddafi and other RICH dictators in beating back the seekers of democracy?

  11. Choosing sides is like picking your poison.

  12. We are on the side of Oil! Always! So is Gadfly.

  13. It is either alqaida or some other vested arab interests ( don't rule out oil companies) are fomenting the insurgency. It is highly doubtful that rebels know what they are fighting for. If one watches the TV footage closely, you will certainly notice that they are under the influence of drugs, most probably opiates. After all Gaddafis claims may be true. As the earlier commenter ,Agha Ali Khan said, choosing sides is picking your poison

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