EU nations strike fiscal deal

Britain left on the outside


Twenty three EU countries struck an early morning deal on Friday that calls for tighter fiscal integration and stricter budget rules in the economic and political union. The deal, aimed at stemming the ongoing euro crisis, leaves out the U.K., which walked away from negotiations after failing to secure concessions exempting the British financial sector from tightening regulation and scrutiny. Sweden, Hungary and the Czech Republic all left open the possibility of joining the new compact at a later date. Representatives from the three nations said they had to consult their parliaments before going further. The new agreement calls into question Britain’s role in an evolving Europe. Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron may now face pressure from within his own party to move the U.K. away from continental intergration.


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EU nations strike fiscal deal

  1. Britain left on the outside

    “Fog in Channel …. Continent Cut Off”

    Most Brits will be delighted to be left outside. My 90 year old Scottish nan called me rather early this morning to let me know that she didn’t believe Cameron had any gumption but was proved wrong by today’s events.

  2. Something that Britain will deeply regret.

    • Don’t be too sure about that. As it turns out not accepting the EURO  was a smart move on BGs part.If they had British citizens would now be paying for pensions in Greece.

      • And Greeks would be paying Brit’s pensions….because it would be the United States of Europe

  3. Down the line, I think that the UK will be happy…to let the EU go off the deep end. The UK can then come to the rescue—for a price.

    • Britons should be sighing a huge sigh of relief right about now. Thatcher kept them on the periphery of that sinking ship 20 years ago, and Cameron has done the same today. Imagine willingly emasculating one’s own country in order to be part of some failed federation. 

  4. Britain has enormous problems of its own. They’d be insane to commit to propping up other fiscal basket cases when they’re on the verge of becoming one themselves. Just as they’d be insane to allow their national sovereignty to be subsumed by the Euro monstrosity. Odd how many Canadians who wigged out over the alleged threats FTA and NAFTA posed to our sovereignty seem to feel that Britain should offer herself up for sacrifice on the altar of Euro worship. 

  5. Ahhh people who know little about economics, but are big on pissing contests. 

    The trick is not to pee on your own shoes….Cameron failed miserably.

    • Not so. Cameron did what is best for GB. Despite what all the socialists want.

      • No, he just killed GB’s future

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