EU stats gurus "astonished" over Canadian census controversy -

EU stats gurus “astonished” over Canadian census controversy

Canada seen as cautionary tale of stats agencies losing autonomy


Canada has disappointed the European Statistical Governance Advisory Board, an EU body that promotes the independence and accountability of statistical agencies in Europe. Harper’s July removal of the mandatory long-form census, to be replaced by a voluntary National Household Survey, has raised concerns about the integrity of the results. “We were utterly astonished, given our view of Canadian statistics. We didn’t expect it to happen in Canada, quite frankly,” said Johnny Akerholm, chair of the ESGAB. “We’ve all been full of admiration of everything that is going on in the statistical field in Canada. Canada has frequently been seen as the benchmark, the best performer.”

Ottawa Citizen

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EU stats gurus “astonished” over Canadian census controversy

  1. Great… the stupidity of this decision is getting around…

    Dumb with a capital D.

  2. The Harper government continues to do wonders for our international standing.

  3. EU stats 'gurus' are criticizing us? Good. It proves we're on the right track in this country.
    Eurocrats are making a mess of things with their attempts at micro-managing people, and they think that all they need is another study, a few more statistics, and then they'll get it right. Wrong.

    • I bet those European statistical bastards are even in favour of throwing people in the Gulag for not registering their toothbrushes with the appropriate ministry.

  4. What in hell is the EU advising us about.Half their countries are in bankruptcy because of their banking system.countries like France and England have allowed their immigration to get so far out of hand that whites are now in the minority and democracy is slowly being replaced by religious fundamentalism.They have been bailed out of two major wars by Canada and the U.S. They are a prime example of arrogance and stupidity.

    • If you had read the original article, you might have noted part of the reason why Greece failed was because it did not have reliable statistics, and did not have a handle on the depth of their problems. Anyway, yeah, who needs statistics. Screw the EU, all hail Harper. Go by yer gut, Stevie!

      • "part of the reason why Greece failed was because it did not have reliable statistics" – that's hilarious! You were trying to make a joke right?

        • Wasn't my joke, I ripped it off from the original article:

          Greece provides a recent example of the importance of reliable statistics produced free of political interference, Akerholm said, noting that the country's statistics obscured the true depth of financial troubles that are now rippling through the European Union. "Of course, the figures might be all right even if you have a political influence, but there could always be the suspicion," he said.
          Read more:

          Of course, I was responding to a guy who suggested we shouldn't listen to the EU because there wasn't enough white folks anymore… but, yeah, I suppose my comment was the bad one.

      • What the he** are you smoking. They went broke because half the country thought work was beyond them and they should be able to retire at age 40. Half of those that did work at all evaded taxes to the point where it was a national sport. Their civil service was …well I could go on but if I were a betting man I would guess that if you believe that the economic collapse of Greece and half the EC was caused by a lack of bean counters you likely believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Cheers

        • And they got away with it because they were fudging the numbers. What happened in Greece, is the argument for an independent, free from government interference, statistic gathering agency.

          • Now I know you are smoking something. Since when did the census takers have anything what so ever to do with enforcing tax laws or instilling a work ethic here in Canada, Greece or anywhere else. They are useless bean counters, they are not the police and ironically they only have the power to go after law abiding, taxpaying people who refuse to report how many toilets they have, with threats of fines and jail time for not complying with their empire building. That's what has the Euro trash's bean counters shorts in a knot. Likely they are afraid that people in their own country will wake up and axe them as well. It seems softy old Canada has become the whipping boy for every EC country looking to deflect criticism from themselves and their own failings. Never hear a pep out of them about China Iran and a host of other countries raping their environment and their people. However the world will end because Canada slightly changed the way it gathers info on it's people, ironically to the way it's already gathered in some European countries already. What a farce. Cheers.

        • Again, read the original article. The link's above.

    • The deregulation of banks in the USA had nothing to do with the crisis that now engulfs not just Europe but the world, The criminal actions of US financial companies that helped Greece "legally" circumvent financial rules also had nothing to do with it either did it.
      Don't need facts because the truth is elitist hey gar?

    • Er, Canada has a far FAR higher proportion of immigrants in our population that Britain or France. Go yell at some kids to get off your lawn.

  5. Harper is a dufus. The census served a real valuable service that enabled the planning of better delivery of government initiatives . Very simply put more bang for our buck. Stevie was not leading his class during his limited education. His reputation is spreading.

  6. This from a group of people who have brought their whole continent to its economic knees. Yea, they are someone I want to listen to.

  7. More drivel from the continent that protests the seal hunt here, but says nothing about that "cultural instition", the bull fight in Spain and the boar hunt in Germany where 300,000 are taken yearly for "sport". Also the same continent that protests the oil sands but unleashes corporate criminals like British Petroleum onto the world. They also manage to have bankrupted about half the Nations in that cesspool. Their wonderful statisticians and bureaucrats didn't seem to be able to predict their immigration nightmare that was the 900 pound gorilla in the room. Oh ya, they have a lot to teach us. I suspect their bean counters are now worried people over there will notice that Canada will continue along just fine without Nazi census drones collecting useless data and feathering their own nests. Cheers.

    • The same continent Harper is trying to get a Free Trade deal with? That continent?

    • Nazi census drones? Are they sexy? Sign me up! You're a secret lefty trying to make the right look as loony as possible, correct?

  8. For a continent that loves statistics, you might have thought they would have perfected how to rightly plan on social programs and government actions without bankrupting their countries. But gee EU seems to be crumbling with all those useful mandatory statistics! Before focusing their eyes on our country, they might like to take out their blinders instead, and address their problems and get rid of those nasty widening spread of hypocrisy in that continent.

    • Seriously, did any of you 'The EU sucks, don't listen to 'em' crowd read the original article? Regardless, the financial situation in Europe doesn't change the fact that getting rid of the long-form census in Canada was, by any measure, stupid. Crazy stupid. Dumb with a capital D.

      Anyway, if sh*tcanning the EU and Europe will get people to change the channel, and stop focussing on Harper's stupidity on this file, it doesn't have to be a sound argument, right?

  9. "produced free of political interference"

    Hmmm, it would seem to me that if the statistics and statistics agency were truly "free of political interference" in the first place then it would have been impossible for Harper to interfere. So you see, Harper changing things didn't suddenly make them "influenced by politics". They always were influenced by politics which is precisely why Harper was able to interfere!

  10. All the wizards who are trashing the competence of Euro statisticians here seem to be suggesting that it's OK if Harper reduces our performance in statistical measurement to the same level of ineptitude.


  11. Euro stats gurus?…don't they have enough to do, what with counting the all the healthy unemployed, rioters, burned out cars, and Islamic terrorists? Rather than commenting on Canada's situation.