Europe snowed in -

Europe snowed in

Airports unable to cope with harsh winter weather


Canadians flying to Europe have been warned to double-check their flight schedules, since European airports have been crippled by unusually harsh winter weather. Thousands of holidays travellers have been left stranded on what is one of the busiest weeks of travel during the year. London’s Heathrow Airport stopped accepting arrivals and allowed only a handful of planes to take off Sunday because maintenance staff were unable to adequately de-ice the tarmac. Airports in France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands were also closed or experiencing delays. Air Canada says it is only able to operate one-third of its normal schedule through Heathrow, with just six takeoffs and landings allowed Monday. The unexpected shuttering of Heathrow will likely create ongoing delays, with more than a million passengers expected to pass through the airport this week.

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Europe snowed in

  1. Euro-weenies have been punch-drunk on the global warming kool-aid, it's good to see them covered in it, maybe they'll grow up now.

    • Europe's unseasonably snowed-in status provides anecdotal support for climate change.

      • It's called 'weather'. And there's nothing 'unseasonable' about it.

      • Actually, a few hundred years ago they used to get a really good winter and the Thames would freeze so they could go skating on it.

        • Yes, the climate is always changing.

          • Yes, but your first comment sounded like you thought it was a human-induced climate change – you know the new buzz phrase for "global warming".

          • Anecdotal evidence is inconclusive of anything. I assumed other people had the same assumption.

    • Some of us on the East Coast might be willing to trade Briton's rain back for our snow.
      … Just for the holidays of course.

      • Maybe Edmonton would give you some of their snow…

  2. Its certainly different weather for them…. hope they learn to deal with it quickly!