European authorities threatens France over Roma expulsions -

European authorities threatens France over Roma expulsions

Sarkozy government given two weeks to abide by EU rules on freedom of movement


Europe is threatening to punish France for its expulsion of Roma, giving Nicolas Sarkozy’s government two weeks to abide by the EU’s protections on freedom of movement. “The Commission considers that France has not yet transposed the directive on free movement into national legislation that makes these rights fully effective and transparent,” read a statement from the European Commission. Should France fail to respond by October 15, it could theoretically find itself facing infringement proceedings at the European Court of Justice. The French government has already expelled some 1,700 Roma to Romania and Bulgaria.


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European authorities threatens France over Roma expulsions

  1. France must be shaking in its boots. But they should hold fast to their decision.

  2. So much for national sovereignty.

  3. The French had every right to do what they did. Europe has become far too politically correct, and thus cannot meet a problem head-on.

  4. France! Hold to your positions, don't back off. You have our (Canadians who are fed up with multi-culti bul***t) a full support!
    Don't give up, you have every rigth to clean you coutry from garbage !

  5. Now if Canada could (would) do the same thing with our Tamil Boat People situation…Just a thought .

  6. Just to note, EU citizens do not have an unlimited right to live in other EU countries. They may live in an other country for up to three months to search for work. If they have not found work, then they are expected to leave their visiting country if that country wants them to leave. The French authorities could document the arrivals of the Roma. After three months, if they have not found work, then the French authorities can remove the Roma and other EU nationals.

    • The only problem with that is that the Roma (gypsies) do not feel they are beholden to any state or its laws. They live off of the land of any people they choose, while simultaneously living living off of people that — if they did not exist — would render the Roma nonexistant. Roma culture is entrenched homelessness wherein they do not cultivate the land they live on nor do they pay taxes for the land they live on, NOR do they contribute to whatever society they are squatting on at the moment. Their entire raison d'etre is inextricably linked to non-Romas, a sort of socioeconomic vampirism that the French have every right to guard themselves against.

  7. I don't have a problem with the deportations. After the Roma(the illegal ones) are removed, France should move on and target some other group, deport then, and keep on with that. That way, they can't be accused of racism. Treat all the illegals equally. It's something the USA and Canada should be doing with illegals rather then let then tie up the court appeals system. Not just the Tamils boat people however, True North.

    • I agree with you Canuckguy, I should have included all illegal persons trying to enter our Country, as I have said in previous posts, you are more than welcome to apply to come and live in my Country as long as you do it the legal way…If you don't want to follow that process, then Canada will supply you with a one way ticket back to your home country…business class or coach of course……..

    • Roma is a race?

      France targeting gypsies is more of a cultural cleansing than an ethnic one. As I've written above, Roma cannot live unless they take from non-Roma, and they do so out of longstanding, archaic tradition. The French cannot ask them to alter their culture, but only say their culture is a parasitic one that is a detriment to every other person in France. This is widely recognized in Europe, as gypsies are an entirely undesirable populace, a scourge on the nation, but the French are the only ones with the balls to confront it outright.

      • "…as gypsies are an entirely undesirable populace, a scourge on the nation.."
        Geez, that's strong talk, but you left out calling them 'vermin'. Such phasing is creepily familiar as the Nazi's view of Jews. I am well aware of the stereotype of gypies as thieving nomads but the French are correctly(I believe) just looking at the legality or illegality of their presence.

        And yes, the Roma can be considered an ethnic group. That is an established fact. Look it up.

        • "Such phasing is creepily familiar as the Nazi's view of Jews."

          Actually, the Nazi modus operandi was to create a superior race, the Aryan race, by destroying the inferior race, the Jews. Somewhat slightly different from what I said (undesirable populace) and from what you said (theiving nomads). I would argue what you and I said was equivalent. Also, removal is not the equivalent to the incineration of 6 million peoples insofar that not even birds fly over Auschwitz. But, yes, I can see where you got Nazis and myself confused.

          "And yes, the Roma can be considered an ethnic group."

          Very good. I am not sure what this is in reply to, but good call.

          • @ V V – "Roma is a race"
            My comment was triggered by this comment of yours which seemed to question whether the Roma is a race or not. I just used an equivalent term, 'ethnic group', they are at least an ethnic group. I guess 'race' is more an issue of skin colour such as Asians, Caucasians, Indo, Africans, Abroginals of the Americas, whatever.

            Also to make myself clear, I was not confusing you for a Nazi. I was just making a comment that Nazis used similiar phrasings. That's how they whipped up support for their future murderous policies. And we all know how that turned out.

          • If you are going to sit here asserting your opinions as fact ("Roma is a race") in an attempt to school me, you should at least know the definitions of the words you are using. Ethnicity =/= race. This is primarily because race, as it pertains to humans, has no foundations within biology. It is a social construct, one which was useful in determining superior humans from inferior humans (your tired Hitler analogy). Race is absolutely not a colour; skin colour is a result of pigment. Your "guess" is as foolish as you choice not to research what you say before you say it to determine whether or not it's accurate.

            Re: the Godwin argument (if you don't know what that is, as you so condescendingly sneered at me, look it up). I tried to help you realize how wrong you were in dredging up Nazi allusions and attaching them to people you do not know. You, like a dog with a bone, seem bound and determined to call someone a Nazi and in this last ditch effort at doing so, your spinelessness makes it impossible to determine who your target is. Is it the French? Is it moi? Is it anyone who disagrees with you? I'd go with the latter.

  8. Next undesirables to be expelled from France…EU officials.

  9. xenophobia and rationalization appear to be Sarkozy characteristics . E U is an political economic union which technically has more freedom of movement and commerce than realtions between certain of our Provinces.