Euthanasia, assisted suicide hearings underway in Quebec -

Euthanasia, assisted suicide hearings underway in Quebec

Public invited to join debate via written, oral submissions and online questionnaire


As public hearings on the controversial topic of assisted suicide get underway in Quebec today, Liberal MNA and committee chair Geoff Kelley says the debate will be an emotional one. Kelley told CTV his committee of elected officials was invited by the Quebec College of Physicians and Surgeons to review medical practices on euthanasia and end-of-life care. The committee has already heard from 32 legal and medical experts on the issues, and it will now be the public’s turn to join the discussion. Three hundred written and oral submissions are expected from the public, as well as 3,300 online questionnaires. The hearings will not change the fact that euthanasia and assisted suicide are currently illegal in Canada, but will continue the revived debate among the public and medical professionals about the rules governing euthanasia and assisted suicide.


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Euthanasia, assisted suicide hearings underway in Quebec

  1. Stating the obvious… This is a VERY delicate topic. I would safely say the majority of people would do everything they can, accept every possible means to prolong their lives, no matter what they have to endure to do so. However, there are a select few, a VERY small percentage of the population that think differently, for whatever reason.

    And this is me… I am one of that few. I would much rather live, but if the situation demands a choice, I would choose otherwise. But that choice SHOULD BE MINE. This is my personal opinion. I speak for NO ONE ELSE.

    • I agree with you Eddie. I have undergone chemo twice and am not sure that I would put myself through that again. I would rather have the option to choose euthanasia. I do not fear death, but I do fear the constant pain as I've witnessed those who have suffered for years. As the saying goes, we often treat our pets better than humans. If push comes to shove, and I hope it doesn't, I'd consider going to Switzerland or any country where it's legal, within limits. Good on Quebec for at least bringing this topic to the forefront.

      • My sentiments precisely! i am sorry to hear about your condition, and I hope your recovery is effective! I would not wish chemo on even my worst enemies. Hold your ground, my friend! Every other day some new info pops up. Sooner or later, one of those pops will hit the mark! Personally, I have not come to that point yet myself, but I have redoubled my efforts to not reach it at all. I hope your trip to Switzerland is for a pleasant vacation which you will return from refreshed and ready to face the challenges of life!! Cheers!

  2. i really this doesn't get ridiculous. this is a srs issue, as attested to by Nova and Eddie's contributions. the last thing this issue needs is to traipse down the aisle to the absurd.

  3. Well, since the feds keep fiddling with health and education and municipalities, and Ignatieff has a plan to have us buy more turnips off the farmer's truck downtown, I guess it was about time a province decided to fiddle with the Criminal Code. Ahhh, symmetrical jurisdictional meddling: Canada's gift to the world of federalism.