Everybody still hates the arts

A stimulus move we can all agree on


The U.S. Senate is still looking for stuff they can cut from the economic stimulus package without getting into trouble. So they’ve found at least one thing that nobody cares about or likes: the arts. By a vote of 72 to 24, the Senate voted to exclude any funding for museums, theatres, art galleries or other places where Senators don’t enjoy spending their time. This vote ensures that money will not be spent on “wasteful and non-stimulative projects.” Because everyone knows that funding the arts doesn’t create jobs; all that work is done by magic pixies.

Los Angeles Times

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Everybody still hates the arts

  1. You can sure tell at least one big difference between the US of A and Canada and that’s for sure – can anyone honestly imagine what would happen? if we even tried to just slow down the growth of the 3 + and growing billion we budget at present! – oh yeah! nevermind evil meanie steivie already tried that.

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