Eviction of non-aboriginals is legal: Minister

Chuck Strahl says Ottawa doesn’t plan to intervene in Mohawk dispute


The Kahnawake Mohawk reserve’s decision to expel non-aboriginal residents may make him “uncomfortable,” but Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl says there’s nothing illegal about it. “These are decisions made by First Nations people on their own land,” Strahl told reporters in Ottawa. “It is not for me to make those decisions, or the government, and we are not going to be making those decisions.” Strahl’s statement follows the local band council’s delivery of eviction notices to 26 people living with their Mohawk spouses or partners on the reserve. According to Strahl, Kahnawake has the “constitutional basis” to set its own membership rules and kick out non-members.

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Eviction of non-aboriginals is legal: Minister

  1. I do believe First Nations people across Camada have the right to kick out non-members from their land. In this case, they have the law behind them- they can take advantage of it. However, I don't agree with Chief/Council on reserves like Cowessess and Sakimay kicking out band members from their own CMHC homes. That action contravens the act Indians are trying to defend. I think the reserves should be charged by those band members who have lost their homes. Indians should have the same rights as other people to be able to charge their own Chief and Council. Who do they think they are especially when they got in through cheating, stealing and paying band members for their vote.
    However, in Saskatchewan concerning FNUC, it would be nice if Minister Robb Norris made a public statement concerning Murray Westerland's salary? His buddy, relative, cousin, whomever was making a whopping $200,000. plus a year. Maybe he should make that public knowledge, then we would all understand why he fought so hard on this issue. Who wants to lose $200,000. a year.

  2. Why do we as a country continually accept the illegal actions of natives? From selling cigarettes and alcohol on reserves without taxation to allowing non-natives to be removed, these actions are creating a society where the rule of law is not respected or observed. This affects our national security and needs to be dealt with.

    • what is this? does one not detect a bit of jealousy oh guiltless scribe?

    • what is this? does one not detect a bit of jealousy oh guiltless scribe?

  3. Would it not be fair for the rest of the people of Canada to be able to evict drunks, addicts, thieves etc etc of native heritage? send them back to the realms of reserves where they claim they are immune from white man's laws? My small town would then be able to get back to being a nearly vandalism free, no break in, no theft, grafitti free, quiet , no pee and poo in the alleys and parking lots, and good community for working people to raise their kids! But, I guess we would miss their cultural contributions!

  4. I see. So does it also follow that a landlord can choose to evict tenants who are not of his race? After all, that would be a decision concerning the use of his own land too.

    At some point, if we are going to claim that we uphold human rights, we are going to have to enforce them even on politically protected victim classes.

      • Your link claims that aboriginals have been evicted from the rest of Canada. It's a lie. Aboriginals are free to live anywhere in Canada, and anyone who tried to evict them based on race would see his decision overturned in court and damages awarded to the victim.

        Either it's wrong to discriminate based on race, or it's not. You can't have it both ways.

  5. This move may be legal, but ethics is another matter. I feel for the community members of the First Nation that are probably very embarrassed by what their leadership has done here.

  6. It would do everyone good to remember the FIRST evictees–who where they??? How were they evicted? This whole situation would be eased alittle if the so called conquering peoples would remember who did what, how it was done, with what mindset was it done and was this eviction ever deemed unfair.
    I am seeing a whole lot of ignorance, ego, conceit and greed and pompus assdom when the words like "politically protected victim classes" are used to explain away actions that are only called criminal if one "class" of people are effected.
    I don't care how many big words you use or how many times you say "victim classes" or "politically Protected" the fact remains is that you are calling foul because you are now the potential evictee victims, but it wasn't barbaric when it was done in the first place according to the Upper class ass' s of those times It was necessary to educate these savages because they were lost and stupid..
    In reading the above responses I am ready to throw up the way you talk the way you think you are better than other human being because you can steal better, cheat better and lie better all the while looking down your crooked noses at a people who were willing to help your ancestors survive. the way you people take beautiful things and people and kick them down as if to force them to say you are better, when it is you who are lowly, lost, and criminal.
    get your head outta your ass see what was done and change what you can. you can start with your claim that you are better. reread the above comments and insert your name or your race in place of aboriginals. gees get it already if we lived like the first peoples did we would not live on a dying planet. get honest for the first time in your pampered comfortable life.

  7. …man oh man if the mohawks get their way as they always do…mirroring most governments,corruption included sadly…everyone in this country is in trouble…the beginning of civil war in canada!

  8. Kicking out people in the dead of winter based soley on their race? Splitting families and ostracizing those who marry someone of the "wrong" colour. This is how Mohawks preserve their culture?

    • colour has the least to do with it…they believe it is their sovereign territory and what you think or say means zero!

      • That's nice. If we tried to do this to them, there would be riots, court challenges, and people like you would be decrying it even though it's exactly the same thing.

        The double standard is alive and well.

        • sounds like maybe you should join the local kkk chapter or go punch a bag or continue voting for the pro cons…yes or no is a double standard…humans are a double standard every thing is a double standard we live in a world of double standards! get over it

      • That's nice. If we tried to do this to them, there would be riots, court challenges, and people like you would be decrying it even though it's exactly the same thing.

        The double standard is alive and well.

  9. too late lady they believe talk is over….just too many disrespectful people!

  10. tridus….. farce or not it is a reality with the mohawks….sounds like you need counselling tridus….or maybe join the kkk wherer you have people of like values and thinking and hating and all things evil…

  11. If it's legal, then change the laws. I believe we need to go much farther to repair the damage done to aboriginal people, but allowing for on-reserve dictatorships only perpetuates the damage; self-government in any other country must conform to basic rights and principles in Canada's eyes abroad, so why not the same here at home?

    • you are partially right but it is not going to happen…in a democracy wrought with third world conditions society needs a people to push shove and holler at but the people will need to crawl out of the conditions to change this state….. not you or i or the next guy down the street can do diddly squat…chaos is good if there can be order down the road but in this case change seems stagnant….sadly!

  12. This whole thing is a farce. The Mohawks can break up families and kick people out of homes based on race, while the Ontario government can't get them out of Caledonia? I mean hell, according to the Human Rights Commission, a restraurant owner isn't even allowed to kick a pot smoker out because there's a "human right" to smoke pot on someone elses property and put the owners liquor license (and business) at risk.

    This country has a serious deficit in leadership willing to deal with problems like these.

    • the people in govt will oblige but there is no solution for they do not know how to deal with it themselves… it will have to come from the people who live on reserves…it seems the whole scenario will begin to change now…there will be more people emitting signals for serious discussion…which may mean violence for they are marginalized as it is and are sick and tired of being pushed at screamed at and told they are drunks useless and a bane on the taxpayers…this is a heads up warning… the people should be careful to lock your doors, your property, everything you own, watch, be vigilante for you will never know when or where they may strike…they have many allies! no one has ever shown them respect or kindness, only condescension and hate…sadly

  13. for anything to work anywhere anymore there needs to be concessions on both sides. Its like the ass covering conversation in every political venue, its like 'well I will apologize , but I really didn't do anything wrong, but ,but hey its okay', get it you have to look like you are doing something or saying that oh thats the federal govermentand when you get to the federal government they tell you that is a provincial matter, for years native people have been going in circles, and then when something is done its to say that they tried, This is a sick twisted game to keep native people believing solutions are just around the corner, but NO ONE ever gets there. and so nowadays everyone knows if you poke a bear long enough it will go nuts, once you have been lied to, degraded, ignored, kicked around it is really hard to believe the word of a people hell bent on taking everything, and saying what did we do?, when the protests start.
    we are the First People, the ones chosen the keep the land, and yet we live in poverty, we are basically told to shut up and be good little indians. So no I will not shut up I will not be silent and I will no longer be stomped on, the truth and the lies will be revealed. Some people say that Native people chose their lifestyle, that all we have to do is chose to do better, well how Ithat happen ? is any of this sinking in, do you like my take on the past. we have had to work harder, live harder and yes die harder because you people seem to think we should stay where we are you make it dam near impossible to get out of that hole. well guess what we are now doctors, and lawyers and judges and yes some of us are millionaires and it was done on the pittance you thought we deserved. and I say yes I did get over it. lim limt all my relations

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