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Ex-senator who had staff work on his farm loses appeal of fraud conviction


TORONTO – Former senator Raymond Lavigne lost his appeal Friday of his convictions for fraud and breach of trust.

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that the trial judge who convicted him in 2011 made no errors in the case.

Lavigne was sentenced to six months in jail and six months of house arrest.

The one-time Liberal MP was convicted of fraud for claiming travel expenses for trips actually taken by his staffers.

He was convicted of breach of trust for having his staff work on his personal farm while on taxpayer time.

Lavigne resigned 10 days after being convicted, trading in his $132,000 annual salary for a parliamentary pension that could reach $79,000 a year.

He was appointed to the Senate in 2002 by then-prime minister Jean Chretien.

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Ex-senator who had staff work on his farm loses appeal of fraud conviction

  1. So as in the robo-calls case that makes convictions 1-0 for the Liberals and Liberal Senator Mac Harb leads the race for most questionable expenditures at $231,000.
    How can that be?
    What’s Junior and of course the ‘Media Support Party’ going to do now to change the channel?

    • There have been no convictions in the robo-call case, unless you count all Election call breaches as the robo-call case.

      There has been one person thrown under the bus and there has been a refusal to increase EC oversight by a clearly worried and concerned Harper Government. There has also been delays over introducing new legislation by the same government even though they voted to do so within 6 months of voting on it and the recent court case and its awards process was a scathing condemnation of Conservative behaviour,
      Try and stick with the facts water carrier.

      The thing about the Lib Senator in this case was that he fraudulently obtained $10k, so on a pro rata basis that means that the folk now being investigated, if found guilty, will be facing some serious time.
      4 cells will be required – 1 Lib and 3 Cons

    • You are a skallywag and a rascal for pointing out these rather embarrassing facts.

      Don’t you know rules should only apply to Conservatives and not left wing nut jobs and liberals.

      Compared to the Liberals, Mr. Harper is and has been running an extremely honest government.

      Quebec and the Liberals continue to have that ongoing fraud and hoodlum problem.