Ex-staffers say Rob Ford consorted with suspected prostitutes: documents

Rob Ford’s appetite for destruction

Brett Gundlock/Reuters

TORONTO – A court document suggests people close to Rob Ford were concerned about the Toronto mayor’s use of drugs, drunk driving and even the presence of suspected “prostitutes” in his office.

The previously redacted information comes from police interviews with former staffers of the mayor, in a document that contains allegations not proven in court.

Several of the staffers’ allegations centre around the night of St. Patrick’s Day last year, where a former staffer told police he saw Ford with another staffer, a friend and a young, blond woman named Alana who he thought was “an escort or a prostitute.”

The same woman had been seen with Ford at a stag party, ex-staffer Isaac Ransom told police.

Ransom told police Ford was drinking from a 40-ounce bottle of Smirnoff vodka and by the time he arrived at the mayor’s office that night around 9 p.m. half of it was gone.

“Mayor Ford was totally out of it and had obviously been drinking,” the police document quotes Ransom as saying. Ford wanted to “smoke narcotics” with Alana and his friend but his staffers stopped him, Ransom told police.

Ford went to a bar that night and a friend of Alana’s showed up, Ransom said.

“When he got up to leave he decided he wanted to go to the dance floor, so he went over, stumbled around the dance floor and fell down,” the police quote Ransom as saying.

Another staffer, Chris Fickel, told police he was not with the mayor that night, but heard that the mayor went back to city hall with three staffers, a friend and “two females that may have been prostitutes.”

The mayor then started “crying uncontrollably,” assaulted one staffer, pushed another and drove himself home, the documents say.

Ford’s former chief of staff Mark Towhey told police that Fickel confided in him that one time the mayor had stopped and drank a “mickey” of vodka while driving. After hearing this Towhey implemented a new rule that if a staff member was with the mayor they would be the one to drive, he told police.

The new revelations came hours after Ford admitted for the first time to buying illegal drugs while in office.

Despite the mounting pressure for him to resign or step aside, Ford repeated during an internationally televised council meeting Wednesday — the first since his shocking drug admission — that he is not going anywhere.

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Ex-staffers say Rob Ford consorted with suspected prostitutes: documents

  1. Oh really? Now consorting with a prostitute is newsworthy?

    Too bad Jack Layton could not be reached for comment.

    • Always important to read the actual article, john g.
      In this case we have a guy driving himself home after drinking at least a bottle of vodka and/or brandy, being so drunk that he weeps uncontrollably and can’t stand up on the dance floor.
      Your hero.

    • Get back to me when Jack was said to bring his prostitute to work, started getting drunk at work, headed out to a bar with staff and said prostitute where it’s suggested he did cocaine, got raving blitzed and had to be shuffled out of the club and into a cab by staff, proceeded to insult the cabbie in a racist manor, and was drug back to City Hall where he berated and physically assaulted his staff in his office before wandering down to security with a half empty bottle of booze where he started screaming that someone “stole his car”, had to be reminded it was still in his driveway at home where he left it, and then quietly shuffled into a second cab by security and sent home.

      Then, when he got home, he panicked for some reason, jumped in his car and started driving around drunk out of his gourd.

      Ladies and gentleman; a night in the life of Rob Ford.

      Oh, and remember that “crazy” Sarah Thompson? Thought the mayor was on crack at the Garrison Ball? Suggested he made a pass and grabbed her tail? Towhey told the cops he did his best to try and keep Ford out of that event ’cause he was clearly up on something and it wasn’t beer….

      • Allegations….

    • How about that time he Jack Layton chugged a mickey of vodka behind the wheel of his car and his staffer was so concerned that they jumped out of the car? Oh wait, that was Rob Ford? My bad.

    • Name the prostitute Mr. Layton was consorting with….Oh wait, you can’t. It never happened….Meanwhile, back in crackville.

      Now tell us the one about Jack secretly living in subsidized housing…Oh wait, that too is hyperbolic propaganda based on distortions and outright lies. The complex reserved units they charged full market price for to offset the costs of the subsidized units. A full price unit is what Jack paid for. For the same price Jack could have probably found a more “comfortable” environment elsewhere in fact. Not only that, Jack voluntarily paid more rent when his income increased. Jack didn’t take from the poor, he helped support them. Maybe pick on someone who is alive to defend themselves next time.

    • This comment was deleted.

    • And the digging continues in Ford Nation(tm).

  2. Wow! Bunga bunga parties at Toronto City Hall! Quick, call Berlusconi!

  3. One wonders why they call Toronto Hogtown?

  4. Meanwhile, the focus is on the “mayor” who is only one of several Toronto council members with the city business being impacted and ridicule is pouring all over the city in general and the council in particular. Washington, DC, got the same business during the Marion Berry years and it takes a while for that smearing to go away, especially when the politician in question refuses to go quietly into that good night.

  5. Rob Ford does what rich folks do – contra sue. Waste time, irritates voters, slows down the City operation.

  6. Jack Layton and prostitutes: Good
    Rob Ford and allegations of protitutes: Bad

    Maybe if Ford went for a massage at some joint called the Velvet touch it would be ok?

  7. This comment was deleted.

    • Levin was arrested and fired. End of story.
      Now, if Ford had admitted that he smoked crack six months ago and taken a leave of absence, and gotten help, that too would have been “end of story.”

      But no … he lied and denied, only telling the truth when he was backed into a corner. He continues to lie and deny. The coverage will stop when he takes a leave of absence and gets help.

      • End of story???
        What about undoing the influence he had while in eh eductaion department?
        If he was a conservative we’d still be hearing about it every day from the so called journalists here.

  8. Do you know why Rob Ford is a bad politician? Because he was caught! I wish all of them were outted as immoral so we could just forget about the stupid trivializing of one man’s personal life and start paying attention to actual problems in the world! This crap should be in the tabloids or the entertainment sections of legitimate newspapers, not in the headlines!

  9. Damn Rob, share the love!

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