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Ezra Levant urged to run in newly vacant Calgary Centre


The Draft Ezra campaign didn’t take very long to get started.  The Twitterverse lit up with speculation that the SunTV host and columnist would be recruited to run in the Calgary Centre riding vacated yesterday by Lee Richardson.  The long-time Conservative MP announced yesterday that he is leaving federal politics to  principal secretary to Alberta Premier Alison Redford.

Tweeting from @Ezra4Centre — “We want to see Ezra run for the conservatives in Calgary Centre! Follow and RT if you agree!” — Levant fans urged the like-minded to join their draft campaign.

As reported at iPolitics.ca, Richardson said he felt “privileged” to have served under former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and current Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

He then left some advice for his fellow MPs.

“While we advocate for different ideas of Canada, we are all Canadians and we all love our country. We would all, I think, do well to remember that and leave the partisan furies at the water’s edge.”


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Ezra Levant urged to run in newly vacant Calgary Centre

  1. This comment was deleted.

    • Did you know there is another station besides the CBC

      • Brian,
        Did you know that when you ask a question in a sentence, even a rhetorical one, you always end it with a question mark? Apparently you don’t.
        Not surprising considering the quality of your recent comments. But then you right wing-nuts never ever have anything remotely intelligent to say. Much like Ezra. A lot of hot air, little content.

        • Thank you Mr.Wannabe English Professor, now get a real job!

  2. Draft Ezra…surely that should read Daft Ezra, no?

  3. Heh, I’d love to see it, myself. Nothing will bring that blowhard down a few pegs than to be a Conservative back-bencher, or as I like to say, “puppet”.

    • Scary thing is, he’d likely end up in Cabinet in some capacity.

  4. Let us not forget him in an orange wig mocking Jack Layton’s funeral. Nasty little creep.

    • No worst that man-woman Walsh in Fords yard

      • Yep. They’re both losers.

      • What a ridiculous thing to say. What ever does one have to do with the other?

  5. I’d love to see it, if for no other reason than to see all the lefty heady explosions.

  6. The comments here ooze tolerance ,acceptance,and respect for democracy.

    Ezra would be a great voice in the gov’t,but he is more valuable where he is now.

    He does not believe in Omar,and I’ll bet that he doesn’t understand Luka either,”jew-con radicals” are like that

  7. Making the Left poo their panties, stay put Ezra

    • hahahahahahahaha.! you kill me! really!
      Go ahead, punk, make my day.
      We ‘lefties’ (whatever that is in your fevered mind) would love (I say again, LOVE) to see Ezra run. You don’t get that much more retard than a Levant.
      He is only good pandering to his peeps (which i may dare say you seem to be one). No one of a sound or reasoned mind pays any attention to him at all.
      So, I say, go ahead “run”. I dare you. I double dog dare you. I would laugh all day to see the nutbag jabberings of a Ezra Levant in the news.
      And then, fail.
      You guys are making me weep. The fun, the idiocracy, the shear retardness.

      • You smell boy,change those panties!

  8. We all know that he can talk, but can he walk. B C found out in a hurry that their premier could sure talk, but when it comes to walking she has become an embarrasment.