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Facebook to put ads in news feeds

Pay-to-display ads would show up in users’ feeds, whether they ‘like’ them or not.


If you hate Facebook’s Timeline now, just wait.

Facebook is ramping up their plan to include ads in news feeds, regardless whether the person is a fan or supporter of the product advertized.

TechCrunch says that it’s all a part of Facebook’s plan to impress investors. Advertisers would pay to display ads in news feeds without having to foster a fan base on Facebook first. Those ads are presently only shown on the side column.

The change would make it easier for advertisers to gain access to even more people, whether or not users want to see the product in the first place.

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Facebook to put ads in news feeds

  1. Such a move would make me less likely to (a) use Facebook and (b) buy the product. I hate floating ads (like those that Honda has occasionally used on this site) and would like ads in my Facebook news feed even less. If you want to alienate me as a customer I can think of few better ways to do so.