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Faisal Shahzad: “I was expecting you”

Would-be Times Square bomber had weapons training in Pakistan


Three days after rushing on board Emirates Flight 202 to apprehend the would-be Times Square bomber, U.S authorities are learning more about Faisal Shahzad. The picture they’re now painting of the 31-year-old: “unremarkable.” Shahzad, who was born in Pakistan to an air force chief, immigrated to the U.S in 1998. Soon afterwards, he earned degrees in computer science and business, before taking a job as a $50,000 a year financial analyst. He married and had children. His wife had a Facebook account and the family sometimes ate at Burger King. But things changed when Shahzad returned to Pakistan last year; there, he made his way to an explosives training camp in Waziristan. This news reinforces suspicion that Shahzad had backing from Pakistan’s al Qaeda. Today, Shahzad continues to speak with FBI officials from his NYC jail cell. His behavior thus far has been cooperative; sitting on his Dubai-bound flight Monday night, Shahzad spoke calmly as he was apprehended: “I was expecting you.”

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