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Faisal Shahzad sentenced to life in prison

Sentence was a forgone conclusion for the would-be Times Square Bomber


Would-be Times Square Bomber Faisal Shahzad, who pleaded guilty to trying to blow up a sport utility vehicle carrying a homemade bomb, was sentenced on Tuesday morning to spend the rest of his life in prison. As the sentence was read, he told the court: “Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun.” He later added: “The defeat of the U.S. is imminent and will happen in the near future.” Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum, in Federal District Court in Manhattan, told Shahzad, “You are a young man, and you will have a lot of time to reflect about what you have said today, and what you have done.” The outcome of the hearing was a forgone conclusion, since Shahzad admitted in June he trained with the Pakistani Taliban and said he “pleads guilty 100 times over.”

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Faisal Shahzad sentenced to life in prison

  1. They should execute him and save the money.

    • I agree in principle, but I heard a stat quoted a while back that death sentence appeals, even when the criminal confesses, can cost more than housing the criminal for life. Not sure if the stat is correct because it does seem unlikely, but I heard that — on 20/20 or something similar.

  2. CIitizen_CA, I am Muslim and I couldn't agree more! People like him should not be allowed to live. It is so sad and embarrassing to us Muslims.

    • Zuhal, stop trying to confuse citizen_CA.

  3. canada should be very careful as to what sort of immigrants it lets into the country. being myself an immigrant, i am amazed at how some people want to change this beautiful, free country, into their own backyard, forgetting this country took them in and offered them a much better life than back home.
    i surely hope canadians will see thru this, past their legendary compassion.

    • I will look on your treasures, gypsy. Is this understood?

      • A+ Borat reference.

  4. What a smug, un-humble dirtbag. Wish the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would stick up for us and extradite him for heresy trial. What he did smears all faiths and he should be burned at the stake-at the least he should be stoned to death by young teenage virgin girls at high noon in Riyadh central square. No sword, no gunshot, just mango-sized, American-quarried rocks, or a match-stick. "Now the man Moses was the most humble, over and above everyone on the face of the earth"

  5. Islam is at war with us, he's right about that. It's a good thing that Muslim countries are backwards and uncivilized or that would be a real problem – and may yet be a problem when Iran's nuclear weapons are ready, especially since they say they will use them as soon as they are ready.

  6. The man is evil, but I think it is sad people are disparaging all Muslims. I am not a Muslim, but I know there are many peaceful people who are Muslim, and they abhor what Fazal has one. I say put the man in solitary confinement and never let him talk to anyone for a few years. That at to drive him more crazy than anything else.

    • "People are disparaging all Muslims"

      Call them out. I don't see anyone here disparaging "all" Muslims, but obviously you do, so make your peace with them.

      What this man is saying about Islam being at war with the West is what approximately 10% of all Muslims believe. That translates to about 10 million jihadis wlling to do their part to subjugate, kill, or enslave the infidel. Do we in the West have 10 million soldiers willing to stand up for their way of life against this united front? Answer: no. And in case you were wondering, you and me are the infidel.

      • No offense Viva_Vivian, but I do not want to spend my life counting how many Muslims, Christians, or people that claim to be from any certain religion are hate mongers. Actually the most peaceful people I have met tend to not even belong to organized religion anyway. Your need to quantify how many Muslims you think might be contributing to this problem is not helpful to anyone.

        • No offence, but starting a sentence with "no offence" smacks of disingenuity and condescension.

          Second, couldn't nail down those nasty anti-muslims racists and straighten them out, could you? Methinks they only exist in your head.

          Thirdly, and most importantly, the ~10% estimate is a well known stastic among little anti-terror organizations like the FBI. So instead of counting Muslims and Christians and filing them in descending order from terrorist to tree-hugger, you might want to look into the issue. Your need to opine in place of stating factum is not helpful to anyone.

          • It is really sad that people don't take the time to think things through.

        • Not addressing the issue is an even bigger problem. Those 10% really don't care if you or any of your peace loving friends are religious or not, as you are not Muslims. So when they try to blow up a car in New York, it is aimed at you, your friends, and me. Therefore, I really do care about that 10%, as should you.

  7. How in blazes can you believe any Muslim when this clown and his gang freely admit they lie. I turly feel sorry for peace loving Muslims however many there may be out there, but until the slime is 'outed' one has to be suspect of all of them. A world in a rush to the bottom.

  8. Thank God common sense knows no border…Our enemy does not recognize any border either…

    Only ideology, and what faith one practices…

  9. How many times, does one of these pieces of BLEEP say "The war has just begun", and then you see them lead away in handcuffs, or they wake up with a JDAM in their beds…

    Whatever you say Fdog…We've heard it for years now…I hope you drown in your river of honey…

  10. “Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun.”

    I can't wait to see Obama, liberal pundits, and the Islamic Canadian Congress tapdance around this one. It's a pity Shahzad didn't also quote from the Koran because it would have made the truth in his words that much more crystalline and therefore indefensible by apologists.

  11. Catching people like Shahzad will never cure the danger we are in today. They will come one after the another, for example more than 2 million people have died or injured in Iraq since the occupation, more than 90% were civilians.
    We need to raise a voice against the injustice that is happening around the world and could not blame those individuals who are brain washed and turn into suicide bombers when they get a chance.
    Collective effort should be launched from all the civilized people regardless of their religion to remove injustice from planet, but alas in today's world Might is right.
    This is not Islam for a fact, Islam does not preach these kind of actions. These are just individuals who happen to be muslims and these kind of action are solely their individualistc actions mostly because of their past experience or something happened to their family. When bringing some immigrants here we need to be very careful about his/her past record and should not open our doors for everybody easily.