Fake bishop—and Jesus Yoga guru—caught sneaking into Vatican meeting


German Ralph Napierski, the self-declared bishop of Corpus Dei, a unofficial Catholic organization, donned a robe, purple scarf used as a sash, and black fedora, and joined actual Catholic cardinals at Monday’s Vatican meeting, where discussions regarding the new pope were taking place.

After getting his picture taken with Italian cardinal Sergio Sebiastiana, he made it past guards and inside the building.

But before entering the Paul VI Hall for the actual meeting, he was discovered and escorted out.

Napierski’s church is critical of the Catholic Church, especially in regards to their protection of priests who’ve molested children. He also claims he has a technique to control computers with his mind. And has credited himself with bringing Jesus Yoga to the world:

God wants everybody to recive [sic] Salvation & Enlightenment and be ONE IN GOD !
Hence God showed a vision to Bishop Ralph how this will happen and how to start a worldwide movement to invite all christians into this unity and then to unite all mankind.

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Fake bishop—and Jesus Yoga guru—caught sneaking into Vatican meeting

  1. Papal bling, Curia Comedy, Vatican Variety …..gonna be an interesting run-up to Easter this year.

  2. I am a Christian and find this funny give them a few points for being creative

  3. A fake bishop who probably knows as much, or as little, about choosing the new pope as anyone else in the room.

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