Family guy

During happier times, Tiger Woods went to great lengths to portray himself as an all-American family man



Family guy

  1. Come on, now. This is just piling on.

  2. Agreed. I wonder if this as much about generating website traffic as anything (which isn't a horrible sin, it's not like they can pay the rent with hugs and good wishes).

    • I'm Lindsay Lohan offended that you would Britney Spears think we'd be reduced to mentioning famous celebrities Tiger Woods just to increase the traffic George Clooney to our web Megan Fox site.

      • My XXX sincerest apologies for Free Porn suggesting that Bestiality you guys would ever Hot Escorts resort to Penis Enlargement such ploys.

        • i thought you already took care of all that when you added Steyn…. *waits* …where the hell is my drum roll?

  3. Oh no, Tiger a family man, whoever dug this out (the pics on Tiger), should look in the mirror and see how many sins has he or she committed, but they are not acknowledged by the media. WHY?
    The wouldn't generate any traffic to start with, or they wouldn't be recognized by other major gossip opinion shapers in the media world.

  4. This really is an amazing set of pictures. It looks like he is a happy man. Thanks for sharing this.

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