Family Research Council attack may have been over gay rights


A Virginia man charged with shooting a security guard at the headquarters of the Family Research Council, an organization that promotes socially conservative values, may have had a political motive, according to an affidavit filed on Thursday.

According to the document, 28-year old Floyd L. Corkins told the guard “words to the effect of ‘I don’t like your politics’. ” He faces charges of transporting a gun across state lines and assault with intent to kill. He’s held without bond and has a detention hearing on August 24.

According to the affidavit, Corkins had volunteered at a Washington community centre for the gay community.



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Family Research Council attack may have been over gay rights

  1. No kidding. Those of us who disagreed with the imposition of gay marriage on our society and faced waves of hatred, invective, and threats for it when we had the temerity to display signs like “I support traditional marriage”, are somewhat unsurprised by this development.

    What is surprising, though, is seeing it mentioned in the Need to Know section. Kudos for that. I haven’t seen it reported by any other Canadian news organization.

    • Question: has the “imposition” of gay marriage in any way impacted you personally, other than to offend your sensibilities?

      • Answer 1: yes.

        Answer 2: even if it hadn’t, how does that justify shooting people for opposing gay marriage?

        • how has it impacted you?

        • 1) This was not a yes/no question; elucidate
          2) I was responding solely to your statement, not the article. I in no way condone violence. I do note, though, that this is but one incidence of violence committed against anti-gays, as opposed to how many committed by homophobes against gays?

  2. Yes, Keith it has both offended my sensibilities and has been one more way for the gay community to shove their lifestyle in my face, but that is not the point. The point is that an act of violence did take place against a pro-family group and I didn’t hear you condemn it. Or is your only problem that no social conservatives were killed? Maybe you guys will have better luck next time. If the situation was reversed, people on my side would be rightfully saying throw the book at the guy(up to and including the death penalty if murder was involved). Instead, I am sure that you and your supporters will look to excuse this guy’s behavior. You will say that he was forced to shoot and is simply a victim in all this. Isn’t that the NDP crime playbook? It’s never the criminal’s fault! He is just a victim of our “evil, unfair, capitalist” society.

    • See my reply to Gaunilon. I was commenting solely on his “imposition” statement. No one who is straight (other than perhaps those performing civil marriages – and if they are so religious why are they performing marriages outside of their churches?) has been DIRECTLY impacted by gay marriage. Their rights have in no way changed; the relationships between them and their partners have not been diminished by this. Any impact is purely subjective and hate-based.

      I didn’t address the article itself because I thought it self-evident that such an act should be condemned. If I am at all surprised by the article, it is due to how FEW such attacks have occurred, given how many gays have been mistreated, beaten and even killed for simply being gay; you’d think more would have snapped and sought revenge. And no, that’s not in any way a condoning of such crimes; merely an observation on human nature.

  3. I have yet to hear any condemnation of the act from our friends on the left. Should I take this to mean that much of the Canadian left supports or is at least sympathetic to the shooter?

    • Consider it condemned.

      Can’t say the religious right has been terribly outspoken about crimes against gays in the past though; given all the hatred and violence (including murder) committed by homophobes against gays over the eons, the surprise is not that one finally returned the favour, but that it happens so infrequently by comparison.

    • If you are an idiot, feel free to take that position. otherwise, act like an adult.

  4. Given my other posts here, I thought I should make a few statements on who I am and what I believe, before people start saying inaccurate nasty things (this way you can target me properly):

    * I am not gay, but have gay friends
    * I am Christian; however, as I have never seen a footnoted exclusionary clause to “Love thy neighbour as thyself” I am constantly perplexed by other “Christians” who use the Bible to justify their hatred of others

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