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Famous Catholic theologian calls for end to papal absolutism

‘Few people realize how powerful the pope is’


Influential theologian Fr. Hans Kung is calling on Catholics to reject the long-held notion of the absolutism of papal power. In a video message to a meeting of the American Catholic Council, Kung lamented that “few people realize how powerful the pope is,” comparing the Pontiff’s authority to that of the monarchs in pre-revolutionary France. “We have to change an absolutist system without the French Revolution,” he said. Giving in to the Church hierarchy, Kung argues, would doom the institution to irrelevance. “The world is moving on, going ahead, with or without the church,” he said.  “I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is stronger than the hierarchy.” Kung is widely recognized as one of the chief architects of the Second Vatican Council.

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Famous Catholic theologian calls for end to papal absolutism

  1. They’ll either have to drag the church out of the Middle Ages or it’s going to break up

  2. The bishop of Rome was recognized as supreme leader of the Catholic church by the emperor in Constatinople sometime in the 6th or 7th century. Hardly ruling by divine right.

    • Ha ha haa haa ha!   Very funny!   No really!  What are you smoking?

  3. Hans Kung saying this is news? From what I recollect that is why he got stripped of his “right” to teach “as a official Catholic teacher”, but this was many decades ago…

    • Kung is a catholic priest in good standing….this way-too-powerful pope won’t allow him to teach theology though. Since the nineties.


  4. What’s funny is that the Pope doesn’t realize how powerless he actually is. That’s where some humility could be handy.

  5. power? this word is used way too loosely. a beaver can build a dam to have a nice cosy place to live…that is power…a deer can jump 7 feet from a stand…a salmon can jump immense waterfalls to end the life and to perpetuate life…a snake grows a new skin to rid the other, a wolf will eat its young if it is weak,  a man can phiarrtt a windbag…all these are power…now what kind are you speaking of?