Fantino, happy to be done with “vexatious allegation” -

Fantino, happy to be done with “vexatious allegation”

Charges against OPP Commissioner dropped… for now


Good news for OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino. On Wednesday, charges against Fantino—who was accused of illegally influencing municipal officers in Caledonia, an offence which is punishable with up to five years in jail—were dropped. In a press release, the top cop called the move a “logical outcome to an unsubstantiated allegation.” But the case may not be closed just yet. Gary McHale, the activist who brought the original charges against Fantino, warns: “We are not going away. The government is just digging itself into a hole, allowing us to prove that this whole story has been one of political interference.” McHale is pushing to bring the case to Superior Court.

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Fantino, happy to be done with “vexatious allegation”

  1. It is obvious it seems to everyone except McGuinty, that Fantino should be removed and replaced.

    McGuinty's 18% popularity in the polls will drop even further given this odd decision to stop the prosecution of a clear breach of the law. What exactly does Fantino have on McGuinty or his cabinet members that causes them to act in such an outrageous manner?