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Fawzia Koofi in Toronto


It’s my pleasure and privilege to be the emcee for the Toronto launch tonight of Fawzia Koofi’s book, Letters to My Daughters. It is hosted by the Toronto Chapter of the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee in conjunction with the Consulate of Afghanistan (Toronto) and Canadians in Support of Afghan Women, and takes place at the Taj Banquet Hall 4611-4619 Steeles Avenue. Yes, it’s very far; things will get cooking around 6:30 or so.

Here’s an excerpt from the book. Here is Chris Cobb’s review.

Hope to see you there.


Fawzia Koofi in Toronto

  1. “Violence has shadowed Fawzia Koofi since her childhood in the wild mountains of northern Afghanistan. She saw her father beat her mother if the dinner rice was not fluffy enough. She lost her father, brother and husband to the country’s successive wars, insurgencies and Taliban dictatorship. As a member of parliament since 2005, she has lived with death threats and survived assassination attempts.” 

    Good luck, hope it goes well. Ms Koofi admirable woman, my missus reading book and telling me about it. Wish we heard more about Ms Koofi and challenges she faces than constant bad news from Afghan. 

    • It went very well thanks. Decent turnout considering the venue, and outstanding speeches by a number of members of the Afghan-Canadian community. 

      • Glad to hear. 

  2. Again, sorely disappointed, I wish I could be there!

  3. “This, like so many of the Taliban’s rules, was more akin to Arab culture than to our own Afghan culture. In my grandmother’s day, women didn’t go out alone but with each new generation these things had changed in Afghanistan, as is the natural progression of any culture. Now, the Taliban were plunging us back in time.”Hillary Clinton is correct when she stated that there would be no peace in the world until women were treated as equals.   

    It is beyond me why anyone thinks you could negotiate with these thugs. 

    They are determined to rule based on 2nd century Sharia law but from what I’ve read it is more of an excuse to behave like the Mafia or biker gangs.  One can only hope Mullah Mohammed Omar is tracked down and gotten rid of the same way as bin Laden and the Pakistanis crack down on North Waziristan and nail some of the Haqqani network.  Perhaps if enough ring-leaders are eliminated the Afgan people themselves can take their country back.