Fear of dying makes heart attacks worse, study suggests

Fear linked to heightened inflammation


Researchers in London asked 208 patients to rate their levels of fear after a severe cardiac event, and found that those who reported they were most distressed had higher levels of chemical markers linked to inflammation in their bloodstream, the BBC reports. In the European Heart Journal, they report that heightened inflammation can lead to worse health in the long term later on. Fear of dying is linked to “biological changes that go on during acute cardiac events,” British Heart Foundation professor Andrew Steptoe, who worked on the study, said.

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Fear of dying makes heart attacks worse, study suggests

  1. I am sure this is true but how does one stop the feeling of impending doom that comes with having a heart attack.  There was an interesting study done last year (published in the Cochrane Journal) suggesting that putting oxygen on patients who are suffering heart attacks may actually be harmful for those who do not have low oxygen saturation levels.

  2. I would suspect than any significant heart attack would trigger anxiety!  What kind of survey was this and who funds such trivial nonsense!

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