Fearless Freaks in Oklahoma City


Today’s NYTimes Homes section has a great “At Home With” profile of Wayne Coyne and his wife, and the ramshackle compound they’ve kludged together in Oklahoma City. If you’ve seen Fearless Freaks, you know the place — it’s the house in the druggy part of town where the band practices and where they’re filming Christmas on Mars. Wayne and his wife

… admit the living situation has been difficult at times, especially with the area’s high crime rate. “If we hadn’t been able to expand” and create a buffer zone, Mr. Coyne said, “we’d have been in trouble.” Seven years ago, they purchased the home that belonged to their next-door neighbors and demolished it; the three other houses and two other lots have since expanded their property to about two acres

The Flaming Lips show at Osheaga two years ago was one of the top five concerts I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stop laughing at the end of Yoshimi. Two words: Bone Suit:

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Fearless Freaks in Oklahoma City

  1. People like drivel.

    This has been up for 24 hrs, and I am the first to post. Meanwhile, your “Mike Duffy is a despicable human being” posted 3 hrs earlier than this one stands at 368 comments.

    A bad omen, indeed. How many showers did you need to take today as a result?

  2. Poor Mike Duffy probably hasn’t ever heard even one Flaming Lips song.

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