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Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty blocks CPP improvement plans: provinces


OTTAWA – Canada’s provinces say federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has blocked a proposal to find ways to enrich the Canada Pension Plan.

Ontario’s finance minister, Charles Sousa, emerged from a meeting today with his federal and provincial counterparts, saying the provinces had reached consensus on the way ahead — but were blocked by Flaherty.

And B.C.’s finance minister, Michael De Jong, said Ottawa’s move to halt progress means that “CPP enhancement is over in this forum.”

Sousa said Ontario is now prepared to go it alone with pension improvements.

P.E.I.’s Wes Sheridan said his province will need 24 hours to think about next steps, suggesting other provinces may follow Ontario’s lead.

Kevin Sorenson, federal minister of state for finance, emerged from the meeting earlier to say now is not the time to raise payroll taxes to pay for higher pensions.

Sorenson was filling in for a raspy-voiced federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty at the end of a meeting with provincial and territorial ministers.

Flaherty says it will take years for the economy to shake off the effects of the recession.

There might be room in the future to improve the national pension plan, he says, although he wouldn’t hazard a guess about when that might happen.

Sorenson says higher pension premiums would mean lost income and lost jobs.


Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty blocks CPP improvement plans: provinces

  1. I wonder which recession Flaherty is talking about. The one that he and his fellow CONspirators took credit for “weathering” or the one directly caused by his fumbling of his portfolio?

  2. Poor Jim is delusional again.

  3. I wish that lying evil Flaherty and his boss Harper plus all Neo-Cons in Ottawa burn in living Hell.

  4. Thank God we have grown-ups minding the store now….

  5. The only thing transparent about Flaherty’s conduct on this file is his obdurate determination to rag the puck on it…indefinitely. The little leprechaun has no scruples. His pension is assured.

  6. I guess a man with the idea that his loyalty to a drunk-driving, crack taking serial liar comes before the welfare of Canada’s biggest city should be expected to not really care about the future well-being of the citizens of his country.
    Maybe it’s time for this serial deficit creator and useless waste of skin to retire. Calling him ineffective and counter productive would be praising him given just how much he has screwed up first his province and now the country.
    Go Flaherty, go now.. do not dilly, do not dally… do not pass go, do not collect $200, please go before you screw it up even more than you already have.