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Federal government reviewing affirmative action policies

“Employment equity groups” now overrepresented in the public service


The Conservative government plans to review the Public Service Employment Act to ensure hiring is based solely on merit. The Liberals are calling it an attack on affirmative action. “We must ensure that all Canadians have an equal opportunity to work for their government based on merit, regardless of race or ethnicity,” said the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and multiculturalism, Jason Kenney who announced the review yesterday. Under the current act, some positions may be reserved for visible minorities, aboriginals, people with disabilities or women. People who do not meet those criteria will not be considered. However, according to the Public Service Commission of Canada, all four of the “employment equity groups” are now overrepresented in the public service relative to their share of Canada’s population.

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Federal government reviewing affirmative action policies

  1. Go away Stockwell. Preferable on jet ski. This is a pathetic attempt to change the channel on the Census issue on behalf of your treasonous cowardly Prime Minister, who hasn't shown his face to the Canadian people to explain with a single word on anything….

  2. Wow, the Conservatives seem to have eaten a lot of red meat lately.

    It seems to me that they are now trying the Mike Harris strategy: never mind trying to win over moderate voters; just concentrate on hot button issues to consolidate the base and win over marginal swing voters.

    It's like having a government for tabloid readers by tabloid readers.

  3. Canadian hiring practices have gone from one insane extreme to another. It used to be that only Scottish Protestant males need apply, regardless of how dumb, or uneducated; now, it's only People of Colour, even if they can't function in either official language, or have connections to organized crime and terror groups. The bar is also set low, so to speak, to allow Natives with crummy marks to make it into law school and the like, to maintain the 'diversity' quota. If you don't believe me, pick up the phone and dial any government department, or go see for yourself at a Federal Building anywhere in Canada. This isn't accomplishing anything other than fostering racist resentment.

  4. Discrimination is discrimination. Here's an idea: advertise a public service position and simply put, may the best person win.

  5. Race laws in Canada should all be scrapped, they were created by corrupt Liberals to politically develop ethnic voting blocs and divide them from Canadian culture in order to lock in their votes with bribes.

    Fairness demands equality of opportunity and rewards based on merit, not official government racism.

  6. We do NOT have affirmative action in Canada. Anyone who uses the term shows that not only are they not aware of the legislation, but they don't know what it is about or what is entailed. Unless you do, really, you shouldn't say anthing.
    Get educated first!

    • yes we have something different than affirmative action, we have reverse discrimination, that's an easy thing to look up, people who don't like individual rights would believe in BS like quotas or preferential hiring practices ..in a perfect world a job should ONLY be based on merit .. if anything they should have to prove they chose the best person available possibly by test scores and experience

    • We most certainly do have affirmative action, they just don't call it that. They call it "employment equity". So much for getting educated.

      • yeah wikipedia says "Affirmative action refers to policies that take factors including "race, color, religion, sex or national origin"[1] into consideration in order to benefit an underrepresented group, usually as a means to counter the effects of a history of discrimination"….. so i guess we should all edumicate ourselves to the fact that we do have this ..though in the private sector hiring is based more on merit or who you know

    • Got this from yesterday's CFRA news roundup:

      The federal government says it's launched a review of the affirmative action policies… but in a speech to party supporters in Montreal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he opposes that move.

      "We believe in affirmative action,'' Ignatieff said.

      Ignatieff is a former Harvard professor with a Ph. D. How educated are you?

  7. how about we get rid of Iggy and Jack Layton and find a nice black woman to take their place

  8. 54% are women apparently – the excess women should be fired immediately, it's only 'fair'!

    • maybe we should have affirmative action in teaching and nursing otherwise men are not fairly represented …we should also consider making the taxi industry hire more caucasians

  9. Any form of systemic discrimination is exactly that – discrimination.
    Perhaps the largest contributors to discrimination masquerading under employment equity or whatever catch phrase is currently most popular is the government and the media.
    How is it long term beneficial to discriminate against one section of society in favour of another section? Perhaps Macleans should consider conducting an investigative, ie:impartial piece on this – the 'save our local tv' networks certainly won't…

  10. As a member of an ethnic group and a woman, I would say that this should have been re-evaluated long time ago. Discrimination, reverse or otherwise is still discrimination. There is something very lowering not knowing whether one is hired out of pity or merit. Keeping this program will cause a lot of recrimination and acrimony later on, not to mention the quality of ideas and service people receive…